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Matthew Yglesias: I can’t be contrarian about Donald Trump anymore: He’s terrifying – Vox

I was a liberal Donald Trump apologist. Not a liberal enjoying the chaos Trump was sowing in the Republican Party, but someone who welcomed his ideological heterodoxy as a step away from the cliff of endless polarization that offered a more moderate substantive agenda than Marco Rubio’s. I held on to that conviction through Friday’s protest violence and Saturday’s torrent of “enough is enough” takes.

I was wrong.

The League vs Trump – Super Doomsday Open Thread and Twitter List

If we need a clearer definition of our mission – as I think we do – we could do worse for a starting point than “Negation of Trump,” but that thought also implies that it’s significantly our fault that Trumpism is on the verge of taking over the universe…

Charles CW Cooke: Donald Trump’s 2016 Campaign Must Be Stopped – NRO

For the first time in years, the Right’s defenses would be completely destroyed, perhaps never to be rebuilt. Swiftly, the courts would be packed with ideologues; immediately, Congress would run through the remaining items on the Obama-Clinton laundry list; before the voters had a chance to stop them, the White House would usher in an irreversible amnesty; and, Trump having been turned into a pariah by a hostile press, his “anti-PC” attitude would be rendered toxic in perpetuity. The likely result of Trump’s selection as the Republican nominee, in other words, would be the entrenchment of all that his supporters claim vehemently to hate. That thrill that his acolytes would feel when they saw Trump named the winner of the primaries? It’d be gone in a matter of minutes.

The Party Deconstructs

In times such as these, party loyalty raises the question of what a party is at all in America 2016 – or at least what it means to be a Republican, if Trump is one, and potentially the standard-bearer.

Live Tweet or Die #2: The Most Important AND Bloodiest Debate Ever!

“Every candidate has an interest in attacking at least one opponent. Top tier candidates need a strong showing in the state, while lower-tier candidates have their very survival at stake. There is no longer cause for anybody to hold their fire.”

Ross Douthat’s Primary Prediction Tweetstorm · Storify

1/ Okay, time for a last tweetstorm before the voting starts. — Ross Douthat (@DouthatNYT) February 1, 2016 2/ Thru the summer-fall-winter of Trump, I've tried to strike a balance btw treating the Trump...

Dick Nixon sizes up the 2016 GOP field

Cruz? He’s known to be the worst poker player in Ivy League history. And it shows. He has what they call a “tell;” when he lies his expression is like a child with a...