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Political Discrimination Might Actually Be A Thing

James Damore, the “echo chamber memo” guy, just filed a high profile lawsuit against his former employer, Google. He might have the chance to blaze a new trail in California employment law along the way.


Oyez, Oyez

It’s the first Monday in October. Burt Likko offers a preview of the high points of the Supreme Court’s docket, and some other interesting notes.


Reflecting on Motivations

A recent study found that the responses of whites to questions about meritocracy during the admissions process shifted when a strict meritocracy risked harming whites’ admissions prospects: “While the principle of fairness may be...


Big Monday 2013

Today is the last scheduled day for decisions and opinions scheduled by the Supreme Court. In the comments to this post, I’ll be glossing the Voting Rights Act, affirmative action, and same-sex marriage cases.*...


Affirmative Action and Equality, Cont’d

I would be remiss to leave the recent discussions on affirmative action and equality without citing Frederick Douglass’s moral argument against affirmative action made in 1865 to a group of abolitionists: “[I]n regard to...


The Future of Affirmative Action

~by Aaron There is an ongoing war in Michigan on the status of affirmative action in higher education, and a new chapter of this conflict opened on July 1: the 6th Circuit Court of...


Why Care about Affirmative Action?

Via Ta-Nehisi Coates comes this piece by Pat Buchanan that centers around the following allegation: Sotomayor got into Princeton, got her No. 1 ranking, was whisked into Yale Law School and made editor of...