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Open to the Conversation

With recent conversations about who is and who isn’t a feminist, and why, on my mind, this passage from an interview with Netta Elzie caught my eye.


Gastrodestination Portland

To the left is a meal I had in Portland, Oregon this weekend. It was not the best meal I had. But it was the gayest. (Read more at NaPP…)   Burt Likko is the...


Creating Apathy by Fighting Apathy

Scott (and, by implication, Freddie) has put together a challenging retort to my arguments that most large-scale political protests are inevitably undermined by the unpreventable introduction of irrelevant issues into the protest and are thus...


Why Being a Judge Is Hard

First, since today is Good Friday, let me apoloize upfront for the disturbing nature of the case around which this post is built.  Unfortunately, it serves as a compelling follow-up to the enjoyable and...


When Should Judges Defer?

Note – Will and I exchanged a few emails on judicial activism, cultural change, and the courts’ public legitimacy in the wake of the Iowa gay marriage ruling. We’ve published an edited version below:...