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Don’t Blame Me!

Really, nobody is to blame for the unsustainable adjunct situation in academia. And so, nobody can fix it.


Education and Entertainment; University and Community

(Note: this post uses terms and discusses situations that are borderline NSFW.) Strange things are happening at my dear alma mater.  There is a controversy of unknown size crewing around a post-class demonstration of...


I’m not sure if I should care about Bob McDonnell’s thesis

Apologies for diving into the morass of Virginia state politics, but the latest controversy surrounding Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell is pretty interesting. To make a long story short, McDonnell casually mentioned his master’s...


Academic obscurantism for the sake of . . . what?

Among other relics from middle school, my CD case still contains well-worn copies of both Pinkerton and The Blue Album, so I read Jeffrey Rosenberg’s Rosenfeld’s undergraduate thesis on Weezer’s odd career arc with...