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Driving Blind: Detain and Hold

In the UK, government officials threaten legal action against a newspaper for reporting on state secrets. In the U.S., the executive editor of The New York Times does a Q&A on, among other things, why she’s not actually a mean person.

A Song for 9/11

Elvis Perkins (again). This time While You Were Sleeping off of Ash Wednesday.

Terrorism and the Mind-Killer

I didn’t find out about 9/11 until many hours after it happened.  The first plane struck just after midnight New Zealand Standard Time, so I didn’t find out until I woke up Wednesday morning. ...

The More Important Question is Why

A few weeks back, Rufus asked whether there had been a recent uptick in people protesting against the construction of mosques and Islamic religious institutions.  As the recent NY Times piece (with which I...


After eight years, the best sentiment remains the one immortalized by a classmate’s homemade t-shirt the day after the attacks: “Fuck Terrorism.”