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Nobody "United States of Apathy" by Philip Kearney.

Nobody Won 2016 Election in a Landslide

True, Hillary Clinton received roughly 2.9 million more votes that Trump. But she didn’t get the most votes either.
Nobody did. Nobody also won the electoral college in a landslide.

Have We Passed Peak NFL?

The end of the world as we know it?

How do you feel about this?

Trump Won Because of Pokémon

It’s abundantly clear that the Nintendo property is responsible for Trump’s victory, if you just believe everything I say.

The MMA of Electoral Fraud

An intellectual experiment. Let’s play the role of electoral fraudster. Come, and conspire for a moment, and let us see whether we might realize benefit from subverting the integrity of American democracy.

…And whether we’ve now been presented with evidence that this is actually happening.

Safe Spaces

Does telling someone that his running mate is a complete dirtbag require a trigger warning?


Switching Horses Midstream

An assessment of executive managerial skills put on display for the nation to see.