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Not Close

Kevin Drum provides a wonderful opportunity for me to launch my first volley in the struggle to write the first draft of history for the 2012 election: Liberals, you should rein in the triumphalism....


Voting on a Prayer

Dave Weigel boldly travels into a realm I’d dare not go — the minds of those newspaper editorial boards that endorsed Obama in 2008 but went for Romney in 2012. It’s a land of magical...


It’s The Base, Stupid

Mark Kleiman thinks the recently announced decision by Gov. Romney to give the commencement address at Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University is a mistake: [Romney] needs to convince moderate swing voters that he’s not in...


Leaguefest 2012: Reservations Still Available

If you have not already made plans to do so, please take a moment this week to solidfy your arrangements to attend Leaguefest 2012 and join the dozen or so of your colleagues here....


Jon Huntsman is the Perfect Republican Candidate

“New Hampshire Republicans and undeclared voters who want to field a candidate with broad appeal and the capability and credibility to have a shot at beating President Obama have three choices: putative frontrunner Mitt...


There Is No Offseason

by Lester Freamon Some people think that the division of American political culture into Team Red vs. Team Blue is simplistic or unnecessarily antagonistic. I don’t. This kind of tribal motivation, specifically the cultural...

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