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What If It’s the OTHER Reality?

Though I’ve made my view of the electoral situation pretty clear, I’m well aware that Tuesday’s election will be damned close. I’m well aware that as encouraging as Nate Silver’s model/conclusions are, he still predicts...


The South Hasn’t Risen Again

Andrew Sullivan has pulled out the Electoral College maps again to make a point about race, the Confederacy, and the Republican Party: [I]f Obama loses North Carolina, Virginia and Florida – which I suspect...


A Letter to Fox & Friends

Dear FOX & Friends: I’m just writing a quick note to say “Hi” and see how your summer went.  Great, I hope! I heard wonderful things about your Summer Concert Series.  I know that...


So, is it possible Republicans are trying to lose?

Hands down, the best election blog post on the entire internet this year is Mark Thompson’s What Not Getting It Looks Like.  (And no, this is not just my opinion – it’s a fact....


The Incredible Shrinking Candidate!

Of all the many odd things that are happening in this election cycle, maybe the oddest is the current strategy of those looking to put Mitt Romney in the White House.  I could be...


On Beltway Insiders and Public Attention Spans

As a DC resident, I know that most of the sins that supposedly stem from nefarious Beltway Insiders have other, more specific causes. There’s a kernel of truth within Beltway bashing, though: people here...

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