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Breaking Bad: Picard
Ben Shapiro Works Those Feelings
Weekend Plans Post: The Four Day Weekend
Manifest Trumpestiny
Defenders Of The Gold Bikini 2: The Fempire Doesn’t Strike Back
Weekend Plans Post: Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish
This One Really Hurts
Greta Thurnberg’s Semi-slow Boat Upon the Stormy Seas

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AvatarGeorge Turner in reply to Mike Schilling
+ Only if you want to be formal. The four Bynars in episode "11001001" were 11, 00, 01, and 01, thus the title. It's [. . .]
AvatarRoad Scholar in reply to Mike Schilling
+ I don't recall if they even had names. They looked a little like stereotypical Greys, came in pairs, had brain implants, and spoke to each [. . .]
+ Yeah, the more you think about it, the more you realise that the Federation is fundamentally terrifying. The best meditation on this comes from, no surprise, [. . .]
Avatarveronica d in reply to Jesse

Why does it need to be socially conservative? Is hating gay people supposed to be good for the economy?

AvatarMike Schilling in reply to Road Scholar

Seriously, the "Binars"? Were they named 0100101 and 1101001?

AvatarGeorge Turner in reply to North
+ Ronald D Moore said the problem with TNG was that it was essentially a show about a technologically super-advanced crew that flies around fixing things [. . .]
AvatarJesse in reply to Marchmaine
+ The problem with the whole "we'll create a fiscally populist, socially conservative party" is that it's a good idea in theory, and I've actually said [. . .]
Avatarpillsy in reply to Jaybird

It wasn't great writing but it is, nonetheless, a misstep in one of first season's few decent episodes.

Not to my knowledge, they were usually falling all over themselves to praise him (which is why it's fun to imagine them saying it)

+ Here it is from the horse's mouth. There *WAS* an episode where it was said and Wilw Himself says that it's an example of bad writing. Does [. . .]
AvatarRoad Scholar in reply to George Turner
+ Well, there was the episode with the Binars, a race that had basically merged with their Internet, and had to trick Picard into letting them [. . .]
AvatarNorth in reply to pillsy

Well it's not like they blew the Axiom up.

Avatarpillsy in reply to Road Scholar
+ I would be extremely interested to read such a post. I am only vaguely familiar with Distributism, but at some point I stumbled over this [. . .]
AvatarRoad Scholar in reply to Chip Daniels
+ Distributism is an example of the One Weird Trick school of political\economic paradigms, whereby it's declared that if we make this one simple change all [. . .]
AvatarGeorge Turner in reply to Mike Schilling
+ Wasn't your experience much like a bad techcentricTNG episode? Many of those could easily be rewritten as a crisis caused by an automatic Windows [. . .]
+ It used to be that Windows' biggest claim to fame was that it could talk to pretty much every printer made on the planet. [. . .]
AvatarGeorge Turner in reply to Michael Siegel
+ The counselor sitting next to the captain and first officer was bonkers. "Imma sit here and write up mental health reports about the decisions [. . .]
AvatarMike Schilling
+ Jeff Goldblum flying into an alien ship to give them a computer virus with ridiculous ease. I saw that movie at a work outing. Goldblum [. . .]
AvatarPinky in reply to Chip Daniels

He was talking about the Palestinians, and if we're going to go by their voting record, a case can be made.

+ TNG technobabble episodes always let me cold. "Oh, the decrombulator has unexpectedly broken. Maybe if we re-align the fnortner rod, it will work!" The [. . .]
AvatarBrent F in reply to North
+ I'll stand for the proposition that if the Danes are selling, we should tender our own offer. Canada couldn't afford the psychological damage of America [. . .]
+ Right, but it was explained by "she just lost the will to live" and Sarah Jeong made a pretty good case in her original piece [. . .]
+ no, I spent that much time and energy talking about issues and attitudes that affect women (more than half the population, WOWZERS) through the [. . .]

Was there ever an episode where a character said that?

+ There is a lot to criticize about modern feminism, not the least of which is that they seem to have all but deliberately turned themselves [. . .]
+ Bullpucky they have. People do not just up and die because they have a raging case of the sadz. They fight to live [. . .]
+ I have some grading for my online classes. I also have some final touches to make to the OER text we've written. And currently my [. . .]
+ I get that, but this is not so much me taking potshots at low hanging fruit, but setting up a comparison with the sexism of [. . .]

To be fair, President Bartlett's press secretary and deputy chief of staff didn't understand it, either.

Of course, they learned by the end of the episode.

+ I would go for that - that there was some connection there possibly aided and abetted by the Emporer, but as Jeong's original piece pointed [. . .]

Look at it less as prequel bashing and more as bikini-defending. :)

+ Apologies for being nitpicky but postpartum depression takes several days to a week or even more to set in. Thank you so much for [. . .]
+ Postpartum depression isn't fatal. Sorry, not trying to be nitpicky just want to keep that accurate since part of my issue with Padme's [. . .]
+ Totally and the thing is, there's still a lot to talk about in feminism, but like you say many are content to simply wear patterns [. . .]
Avataratomickristin in reply to pillsy

It's the old question of safety vs. freedom.

Avatarpillsy in reply to Oscar Gordon
+ It's a vicious cycle. Look, you would have to be blind to observe that rich, powerful, famous people actually have an immense ability to avoid negative [. . .]
Avataratomickristin in reply to pillsy
+ So wish they would have played with that a little more. There is so much ethical meat in the universe, it's such a waste [. . .]
Avataratomickristin in reply to pillsy
+ I kinda liked that twist (thought it might act as a constraint to up tension) but then they did absolutely nothing any different with their [. . .]
Avataratomickristin in reply to Brandon Berg

I think it's because so many of us watching wanted to SAY "shut up Wesley"

Avatarpillsy in reply to Pinky
+ I wouldn't blame all of it on Bill Clinton, but despite my political perspective I would blame a whole lot more than none of it [. . .]
Avatarpillsy in reply to Marchmaine
+ Eh, look, we seem to be racing to turn our world into the one from Minority Report as quickly as possible, so I assume I'll [. . .]
+ Ultimately, people who are young now will bear the brunt of climate change, whatever challenges it presents. I don't mind them being at the [. . .]
Avatarpillsy in reply to North
+ I believe the Ewoks were totally fine after the Death Star blew up, but I'm not sure I believe any of those poor people made [. . .]