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One green to rule them all…
Andy McCarthy, just askin’ questions
The Height of Disingenuity
Jumping To Conclusions
Glenn Beck – hero or villain?
Fiscal Responsibility, part II
The Annual Misuse of Hate Crime Statistics
“The Fall of Mexico”

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+ As we try to imagine the decline of Easter's civilization, we ask ourselves, "Why didn't they look around, realize what they were doing, and [. . .]
Bob Cheeks
+ E.D. help me out here! Rush's past couple of shows (today and yesterday) were centered on the hacker who broke into some Algore/climate change/global warming [. . .]
+ I disagree. McCarthy gets a bit neo-con for my taste pretty often, but I thought he was spot on with that piece about the [. . .]

Are there transcripts of the discussions that inspired this amendment?

+ I would not say that Freddie's "side" looks stupid. This isn't a "side" issue. The League, for example, seems to have mentioned the apparent murder (and [. . .]
+ Without getting into my own feelings on the matter, Roque makes a good point here. I do think that "big science" and its alarmist friends [. . .]
+ I agree: There is a certain sort of arrogance or condescension here that troubles me.Here are some points to document your "troubles:" 1. It's arrogant [. . .]

Don't you hate it when your side looks stupid?

Dave PV
+ We extract large amounts of fossil fuels that have been stored underground for millions of years. We burn it to produce the energy--the burning [. . .]

Actually, it's a poor Andrew Sullivan impersonation.

+ Maybe the League needs a side-sidebar-bar. You know. For stuff that isn't interesting enough to post to a sidebar but still interesting enough for some folks [. . .]

+ If it was worth speculating about in numerous high-profile places, then it is certainly worth pointing out that the speculating was misplaced and off-base when [. . .]
Meme Mine
+ The media’s non coverage of the other side of CarbonGate makes them just as complicit in this crime along with David Suzuki who we deniers [. . .]

Is saying that people engaged in "much speculation" really an indictment at all, worthy of posting about?

I'm just asking!

+ I've never been a big fan of the "empire" critique. I don't really know why, expect that it seems like a lazy analysis. However, I [. . .]
+ The point is that subsequent changes to relevant law will almost always make their projections wrong. Ergo they can't claim accuracy but can claim [. . .]
+ I have a two-word answer: fresh water. We have built an enormous economy across the planet based on some very precise assumptions about rain and snow fall. [. . .]
+ This is pretty much right, and I like your point on the sort of big tent environmentalism coming out of global warming concerns. I'm [. . .]
+ There's a good article in the Post today along these lines - - about environmentalists either explicitly or tacitly supporting nuclear power. If [. . .]
+ It's not distracting if the primary way in which the data is being used is as a measurement of trends, which is in fact how [. . .]

Ooops, take that back. It's in Table 4.


+ Discussing the uselessness of the data as a measure of trends seems rather, well, distracting. I, for one, would like to know how the [. . .]

The insurance industry in particular seems rather concerned (bunch of hippies!)

+ In addition to Jaybird's points below, the Pam Spaulding link I posted prominently displays a graphic of a man hanging with the caption "He Reaped [. . .]
+ It's worth noting that if you look at the actual trendline given there and do a derivitive (IE: how much is the deficit changing?) the [. . .]
+ Here's a reason blog post with links to some of the more excitable things said in the immediate aftermath (true/slant makes an appearance!): The words "we'll [. . .]
+ Sorry, i like your posts usually, but you totally miss an important point here. Action on climate change isn't something only environmentalists are getting behind. [. . .]
+ The more anti-empire Beck gets, the more the neocons will turn on him in the way that they attacked Ron Paul. Look for more and more [. . .]
+ Did Mark say that there were posts that came out and said that this was an example of Teaparty violence or did he say that [. . .]
+ Two points. First, I think in comparing (some) environmentalists to the rabid free-market types, E.D. meant the people advocating things like across the board gasoline [. . .]
+ I really liked Carter's close: "Imagine the effect we could have on pollution if we spent as much time, energy, and money on solutions that [. . .]
+ Interesting take. The thing that people don't seem to get about empire, though, is that they think it has something to do with taking over [. . .]
+ I appreciate it. Just keep in mind that this stuff is filtered through my perverse and pessimistic mind. Others in Mexico may disagree, especially about [. . .]
+ As someone who's a lot closer to Gore's view than the libertarian one, I'll readily admit that what evidence I've read suggests that gas mileage [. . .]

I see that the question mark no longer holds the meaning I have always taken it to have.

+ Wow. And I just read a similar screed at Contentions. I'm going to have to follow up on this tomorrow, but I think [. . .]
+ Heh. We may have finally found an issue regarding the future of the Right where Conor and Dan Riehl can agree: I propose a [. . .]
+ Why say something directly when you can insinuate it have the same effect? If someone steals your car you can easily replace it, but if [. . .]
+ I'll do that, Mark. Thanks! Also, I read somewhere that simply reducing the weight of cars could do more to reduce carbon emissions [. . .]
+ Great post, E.D.! I hadn't thought of this in this way before. You may also be interested in Joe Carter's post this morning, which takes [. . .]
+ Not entirely apropos, but if you're interested in a well-written resource about energy issues, with a healthy dose of skepticism about anthropogenic climate change, I [. . .]
+ Here are a few examples from a quick Google search: Christian Science Monitor: City Pages: New York Magazine: Ed O'Keefe at the Washington Post: Landon Ross at [. . .],8599,1926180,00.html

+ You've responded to my accusation of occluding the issue by... further occluding the issue. The Republicans offer no material alternative on deficit spending to the [. . .]

Please point me to some posts that came out and said that this was an example of Teaparty violence.

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