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Sarah Baker
The Socialism of Bernie Sanders
Wednesday Writs: The Daubert Standard
Epstein Dead
Two Different Attitudes Toward Chance
What Does it Mean that Elizabeth Warren has a Native American Ancestor?
Clare Briggs
Hunting For Squirrel
Christopher Bradley
Ryan Adams, Fandom, and Tolerating Bad Behavior

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AvatarChip Daniels in reply to Philip H
+ Barney Frank mentioned one time how almost all military bases and procurement systems are justified by self-described fiscal conservatives not on security needs, but on [. . .]
Avatarjason in reply to veronica d
+ That's a good point. I was imprecise: the demand for loyalty above all else is the tool of bad bosses, etc. That's what I should [. . .]
AvatarGeorge Turner in reply to Philip H
+ Check closely, because I'm pretty sure step 2 of that Venezuelan-style plan of nationalizing the oil industry, signing trade deals with Russia and China, and [. . .]
AvatarChip Daniels in reply to Jaybird
+ Oh, the employer suspended an employee? Well, that's it right there! To spell out the obvius: "Spiking" a story needs to be explained here; In conventional usage, [. . .]
AvatarPinky in reply to Jaybird
+ From what I've heard, the key to any Disney park is to talk to the staff. I think a lot of the EPCOT staff [. . .]
Avatarveronica d in reply to jason

Loyalty is an important virtue. However, it is important to choose well to whom you are loyal.

+ As a way to say "yes, the guy said that ABC spiked stories, but his quote was taken out of context"? Well, the Wasrshington Post is [. . .]
+ War? I thought that War was pretty predetermined by the deck? Additionally, I'm trying to categorize Rock/Paper/Scissors and it's a chance game that feels like worker [. . .]
AvatarPhilip H in reply to Chip Daniels
+ i said 20 years ago that my home state of Louisiana could get its road paved, its hospitals revamped and its universities and schools made [. . .]
AvatarAaron David in reply to Kristin Devine
+ Hearts requires this also. My grandfather was ruthless at it, as he had a very good memory. He had one of those pre-computer computer jobs [. . .]
AvatarChip Daniels in reply to Jaybird

This blog needs a sarcasm font, or "not-the-Onion" tag or something.

Avatarjason in reply to Oscar Gordon

Loyalty: the tool of bad bosses and tyrants (and would-be tyrants) everywhere.

+ One last followup: Today, @ewarren released a heartfelt 12-page apology letter to Native people: “My apology is from the heart....Regardless of whether you forgive me, I [. . .]
AvatarChip Daniels in reply to Philip H
+ It always amazes me how when a social welfare program is proposed, the chorus arises "HOW WILL WE PAY FOR UMPTEEN TRILLION DOLLARS?" but when [. . .]
AvatarMarchmaine in reply to Pinky
+ I dunno, I think JB's mostly right... the point isn't sucking, it is health. It kinda sucks because we're fat/dumb/happy and metaphorically speaking that's [. . .]
+ I went to Tampa 5 or 6 years ago (to visit relatives, EPCOT, Cuban Toast...) and there is no way, absolutely no way, that I [. . .]
+ As probably will not surprise you, I had the exact same problem. While it's slipping now I used to know the hugest and [. . .]
AvatarMarchmaine in reply to Jaybird

EPCOT? As long as you sit down its Casual Dining. Anything you eat while walking? Anathema.

But either way, Carbs.

AvatarMarchmaine in reply to Jaybird
+ I think JB's got a good line on this... your 2019 saw a lot of suffering and difficulty; it might be worth considering that your [. . .]
AvatarGeorge Turner
+ If humans are irrational actors, what makes you think humans in government wouldn't act with equal irrationality, and on a larger scale? Indeed, the [. . .]
+ Another type of memory thing: for YEARS, no one in my family would play Trivial Pursuit with me, or, would only play it if I [. . .]

That is one creepy looking squirrel.

AvatarPhilip H in reply to Brandon Berg
+ No it doesn't work that way. But the economic history of my life time (last 5 decades should you care) is littered with examples [. . .]
AvatarLeeEsq in reply to Chip Daniels
+ Exactly, which is why very few people support pure laissez-faire or market anarchy as a policy. People do not like the feeling of instability and [. . .]
AvatarPhilip H in reply to Brandon Berg
+ wow. Make unfounded assumptions much? Let's see where to start . . . . His spend plans are over a decade, not all at once. [. . .]

Could Coronavirus help reduce Entitlement Spending?

+ James O'Keefe III has released video where an ABC executive admits that they spike stories. BREAKING: Senior @ABC correspondent David Wright(@WrightUps) reveals he is a “Socialist,” [. . .]
AvatarBrandon Berg in reply to Philip H
+ Your first paragraph is not even close to being correct. You're literally off by a factor of 10 or so. Totally eliminating the military would [. . .]
+ Possibly just "pray more" would be a good one, during the week I tend to get out of the habit as it is. I have decided: [. . .]
AvatarStillwater in reply to InMD

That's the cynical explanation. :)

AvatarBrandon Berg in reply to Philip H
+ Libertarian here. In principle, I have no objection to governments stepping in to correct legitimate externalities. When you think about it, that's what law enforcement [. . .]
AvatarInMD in reply to Stillwater
+ It makes perfect sense if you see it as military industrial complex corporate welfare. He's spending more (i.e. make work for the one thing [. . .]
AvatarStillwater in reply to Philip H
+ We currently spend as much on defense as the next 6 or 7 countries combined – which includes China and Russia. As an aside, one of [. . .]
AvatarOscar Gordon in reply to Stillwater
+ Let me put it this way. When faced with injustice, you have two choices: 1) Engage the justice system, such as it is, warts and [. . .]
AvatarPinky in reply to fillyjonk
+ Not sure I'd agree with Jay's analogy for Lent. Spiritually, the point is the sucking, or at least the point is more the consequences [. . .]
AvatarChip Daniels in reply to Philip H
+ I'll second this. The flip side of a "dynamic" market and "market-based solutions" to things like retirement and healthcare is that people are forever [. . .]
+ My son and I were talking about this and I think there's a third vector of games. There's an entire class of games that [. . .]
+ L3, L4: Quick someone remind me that the GOP-appointed Supreme Court justices are highly educated and principled upholders of the Constitution, and not partisan [. . .]

As a part-time paid killer of squirrels in my youth, I'll simply remark that the hunters in this cartoon are doing it wrong.

I'm pretty annoyed that the CDC is interfering with the market-based solutions to Caronavirus.


That's just a really convoluted way to feed crows.

AvatarPhilip H in reply to InMD
+ So what’s happening is that the stock market is strong, employment is solid, but most people, even really successful ones are perpetually walking a [. . .]
AvatarPhilip H
+ The thing that’s finally come into focus for me is that way too many libertarians and conservatives will accept the type of socialism Trump [. . .]
AvatarPhilip H in reply to Brandon Berg
+ Sanders isn't proposing new additional spending so much as he's proposing redistributing federal spending and actually taxing the economy to pay for it.We currently spend [. . .]
AvatarPhilip H in reply to Stillwater
+ Or, it means passing budgets that send blockgrants to the states so their university systems don't have to raise tuition to the point that you [. . .]
AvatarInMD in reply to James K
+ There's a lot of context missing here for why Bernie is suddenly appealing despite being a relatively old quantity. First, turning the US into [. . .]
AvatarStillwater in reply to LeeEsq

Have you ever considered that Trump was lying during his campaign on everything except immigration?

What difference would it make if he was lying?