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Clown Show: Corey Lewandowski Amuses Himself at Jerry Nadler’s Circus
The GM Strike is Going to Take a While
The Princess Bride Re-Make: Make it More Than Mostly Dead
The Perfect Spot.
Light-Sabers Up! Episode IV: A New Hope
Christopher Bradley
Adopt, Don’t Shop
Second Photo Surfaces of Justin Trudeau in Blackface
Making A Conversation Out of Talking Points
Joe Biden’s Right
Clare Briggs
His First Long Ones
Wednesday Writs: Criminal Justice Reform

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Avatargreginak in reply to Chip Daniels
+ Stop overreacting Chip. It's not like some putz took a pic of highly classified secret satellite intell and tweeted it out divulging some of our [. . .]
AvatarPhilip H in reply to JoeSal
+ As I understand it the strike fund comes from union dues which are invested and managed to produce a return. Much like pension funds [. . .]
AvatarHamish Alexton

I am reminded that the same man who wrote "Never get involved in a land war in Asia" also wrote "Follow the money".

AvatarChip Daniels in reply to Oscar Gordon
+ His laziness and stupidity in not reading or preparing was point #1; The continued lying and fragile bluster of a man incapable of admitting error was [. . .]
+ So, I don't think it was around back when you folks were here, but to my mind the best Pizza in town is at Petra, [. . .]
AvatarOscar Gordon in reply to George Turner
+ The point of that whole debacle was that Trump couldn't be bothered to get the latest NOAA predictions, he was showing data that was (IIRC) [. . .]
AvatarHamish Alexton

Cary Elwes checks in on Twitter.

AvatarOscar Gordon in reply to Jaybird
+ I thought this sounded familiar... I don't begrudge employers like GM using temp work to fill in, but at some point, the Master's of the Universe [. . .]
AvatarJoeSal in reply to Dark Matter
+ Hell, Even if you shifted the metric to The Top Ten, that still means 90% of the countries are worse off doing whatever it is [. . .]
AvatarGeorge Turner in reply to Chip Daniels
+ During NOAA's updates they had Alabama getting with hurricane level or tropical storm winds and torrential rain, and the prediction cone even had the eye [. . .]
AvatarDoctor Jay
+ While it's completely fair to give lots of credit to the editing, editing alone doesn't make a movie great. The tone, and the visual [. . .]
AvatarHamish Alexton

I don't drive used cars and I don't date single mothers.

AvatarJoeSal in reply to JoeSal
+ BTW where did that $850 million strike fund come from? If your welfare constructs are SO worried about hungry people, housing, healthcare and transportation, why [. . .]
+ Everything old is new again. I'll tell this story again. I got into a job as a temp at Global Conglomerate here in Colorado Springs and [. . .]
AvatarJoeSal in reply to Philip H
+ What we have is a significant portion of the country that is obese and still here you are yammering about enough to eat. People literally [. . .]
AvatarOscar Gordon
+ From interviews I've heard, one of the sticking points is GMs use of long term temporary workers. People who are hired as temps and [. . .]
+ I think it would, like you say it's a silly thing to think about because I want to say something like, "With the same story [. . .]
+ Looks like there was a third incident. NEW: Global News has obtained a video of Justin Trudeau in blackface. This is the 3rd instance of Trudeau [. . .]
+ I always wonder how stuff that I *LOVED* when I was a kid would do if it were released today. Of course, it's a silly thought [. . .]
AvatarEric Cunningham in reply to Jaybird
+ This was intentional. The great documentary Empire of Dreams goes in to this, but Lucas intentionally avoided the darkness and negativity of films in the [. . .]
AvatarChip Daniels in reply to LeeEsq
+ Good observation, maybe because human behavior is not at all consistent. Like the way we've discussed before of the conflicting impulses between the comforting embrace of [. . .]
+ I back this 100% (all of my dogs have been rescues). I've frequently thought about volunteering at our local humane society, but knowing myself as [. . .]
AvatarSwami in reply to DensityDuck
+ In a previous life I led innovation and new product development at a Fortune 500 company. It always shocked me how many people would argue [. . .]
AvatarNorth in reply to Jaybird

It certainly ain't gonna help him considering the baggage he's already been toting.

AvatarSwami in reply to Dark Matter

Well said, DM. I too think we could do a heck of a lot more with social experiments and variations.

AvatarLeeEsq in reply to Saul Degraw
+ I'm beginning to suspect that consistency isn't possible in politics. A couple of weeks ago in a Facebook discussion a young woman who grew up [. . .]
+ Personally, I think he should get a pass on this. Canada doesn't have the same history of racism as the US does and they're, like, 25 [. . .]
AvatarPhilip H in reply to JoeSal
+ And yet we have a disproportionately high percentage of our working citizens who - thanks to market forces - can't afford to eat, get transport [. . .]
AvatarPhilip H in reply to Gabriel Conroy
+ Federal employees - I am one - can still join unions. IT has been illegal to strike since Reagan. It wasn't illegal before [. . .]
AvatarPhilip H in reply to North
+ They haven't tried to weave a coherent narrative since the early 1970's. Thus we don't know if they can. What we do know [. . .]
AvatarPhilip H in reply to North
+ the democrats electoral base cares about the environment, fair labor practices, actual successful public education and ending racial gender and sexual discrimination. The only [. . .]
+ One thing that I think is also notable is the tenor of all of the movies that were coming out around the same time. Like, every [. . .]
AvatarChip Daniels in reply to Steve Casburn
+ Trump's base delights in being lied to, if it owns the libs. Notice there is always the short pause between one of his bizarre lies, where [. . .]
AvatarGeorge Turner in reply to Steve Casburn
+ Possibility 2 is covered by my diary Jan 20, 2017: Week 1 of the Trump Presidency. Next week they will reveal evidence that destroys [. . .]
AvatarSteve Casburn
+ 1. Berke's elicitation of Lewandowski's admission that he feels no shame in lying to the media is a torpedo below the waterline of Lewandowski's political [. . .]
+ So, hear me out: The Princess Bride is actually one of the best candidates of its era for a good remake/sequel. In the original movie, you have [. . .]
AvatarGeorge Turner in reply to Dark Matter

Little did the Founders suspect that "George Washington Slept Here" was an impeachable offense.

Unless they do an end run around Goldman and get the rights directly from S. Morgenstern's descendants.

AvatarDensityDuck in reply to Swami

"This thing would be good."
"But it's bad because people do it wrong!"
"Okay, so don't do it wrong."
"But it's bad because people do it wrong!!"

AvatarDark Matter in reply to JoeSal

Include the micro-states (which is silly) and we're #8. Exclude them and we're #3 behind Switzerland and Norway.

AvatarDark Matter in reply to Saul Degraw
+ Considering his open corruption regarding using the government and lick spittle lackeys as profit maker for is properties...Did I miss a scandal, are we [. . .]
AvatarDark Matter in reply to Em Carpenter
+ I think because it is not viewed as a cost saving measure to the state, but a privilege for which the defendant should pay.:Bang [. . .]
AvatarDark Matter in reply to dragonfrog
+ Madoff on particular owes, as I understand it, about 10 or 20 billion dollars to his victims, Yes. Generic fraudster should be rrady for [. . .]
AvatarDark Matter in reply to Brandon Berg
+ Was he ever actually any good, or was it all fraud all along? In the 60's, 70's, 80's, and very early 90's he walked [. . .]
AvatarDamon in reply to Saul Degraw
+ Impeaching him! Just like Clinton, he won't be removed. And as we've seen with Bill, his supporters won't care, and the other side [. . .]
+ I remember the first time Dad took me to the menswear store in Storm Lake, IA to get a suit. I don't remember exactly [. . .]
Avatardragonfrog in reply to Oscar Gordon
+ Bike bells are good in places where there is a lot of bicycle use. You might not be heard inside the cabin of a [. . .]