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Harsh Your Mellow Monday: Your Premise Is Bad Edition
Saturday Morning Gaming: The Turn-Based vs. Real Time Debate and Missionforce Cyberstorm
Reta Mays: An Angel of Death Stalking Her Own At VA Hospital
Ciaran Marshall
For Want of a President: On the British Parliament and the Executive

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AvatarGeorge Turner in reply to Jaybird

I figure that if there's any doubts about the outcome, the Russians will sort it all out for us.

Your last paragraph there is harsh, but I think very fair and accurate.

AvatarStillwater in reply to Marchmaine

The NeverTrumpers want the Ignorant populists to go back to believing *their" lies, not Trump's lies.

AvatarMarchmaine in reply to Jaybird
+ Yeah... I should have mentioned my hockey childhood was in the 70s/80s and existed under the shadow/hagiography of Slap Shot. I still don't remember [. . .]
AvatarNorth in reply to Marchmaine
+ This assumes the populist voting base of the left is disaffected from the leadership/elite center leftists which, I think, assumes facts not in evidence. There [. . .]
AvatarChip Daniels in reply to Saul Degraw
+ One of the criticisms I heard about the Democrats in 1979 was that they always campaigned like it was 1936 or something where the problem [. . .]
AvatarMarchmaine in reply to Stillwater
+ Ouch, Bitter Cynical it is then. Though I wonder in passing can there even be any hope of electoral success without the Bitter Clingers, er, Ignorant [. . .]
Avatarveronica d in reply to JS
+ There is a ton of discourse on "feeding the trolls." The problem is, while any one person might ignore the troll, almost always someone will [. . .]
AvatarJS in reply to veronica d
+ Some people delight in clear communication. Others delight in preventing it. Why waste your time with the latter? What could they possibly offer? Even if they [. . .]
AvatarStillwater in reply to Marchmaine
+ My guess is a combination of expressed guilt at destroying the Party and a desire to remain relevant. That led over time to them actually [. . .]
+ I find Hugh Hewitt's article oddly reassuring. I mean, if that is the full extent that a Trump sycophant like HH can inflate Trumps [. . .]
AvatarMarchmaine in reply to Aaron David

You're giving them a bit more credit than I... but yeah.

AvatarGeorge Turner in reply to Jaybird
+ I didn't see much reason to look beyond the URL. "...bipartisan group secretly [verb]..." A bipartisan group can't secretly [verb], so whatever it [. . .]
AvatarNorth in reply to Jaybird

He doesn't have to, they're already on board. Biden knows that the Dems/Left don't owe #neverTrumpers a damn thing and they aren't offering anything.

AvatarPihlip H in reply to DensityDuck
+ The song, like the flag, are symbols of the nation. They are no more or less immune to peaceful protest that any other symbol. [. . .]
AvatarAaron David in reply to Jaybird

Normally I would agree with you, and it is generally how I go about commenting and reading comments here.


AvatarPhilip H in reply to Damon
+ His administration has gotten a bunch of stuff done - overpaying for ventilators that won't be here for a year, rolling back environmental regulations; taking [. . .]
+ Skyrim in VR is *AMAZING*. Holy crap, it's off the charts amazing. I very much dislike the whole "okay, now I'm fighting a spider the [. . .]
+ […] Spare me. A unifying sense of country and duty is a fine thing — and a level of respect for both is necessary in [. . .]
+ It's better to talk about arguments than to talk about people personally, I find. Talking about the arguments might actually unearth something interesting. Talking about the other [. . .]
AvatarLeeEsq in reply to Saul Degraw
+ In Israel and other proportional representation countries, you vote for the party rather than a particular politician. Some countries combine party list voting and district [. . .]
AvatarReformed Republican
+ I am not the proud owner of an Occulus Rift S. I played some No Man's Sky, which was pretty cool, but I need to [. . .]
AvatarAaron David in reply to DensityDuck

Forget it Duck, its Trollucci town.

The bot is a shyster through and through.

AvatarSaul Degraw in reply to CJColucci
+ I think in a Parliamentary system you need to see your vote as a proxy vote for the PM/government you prefer but there are huge [. . .]
+ A good point. This is vastly superior to the "nobody worth listening to is arguing that Trump is going to get more then 240 EVs" [. . .]
AvatarStillwater in reply to Jaybird
+ Personally, I'm impressed that the Dems gamed this out. I criticize them early and often for appearing to be caught with their pants down, so [. . .]
AvatarAaron David in reply to Marchmaine

I would say Quixotic with a tinge of the Mercenary.

But that might be a rephrasing of what you are saying...

+ From the greatest sports movie ever: When I was a kid, the arcade had an industrial strength slide rod hockey game where red players would play [. . .]
AvatarCJColucci in reply to LeeEsq
+ That raises a question I have long had. What do British voters believe themselves to be doing when they walk into the voting booth? Except [. . .]
+ [HM2] I've always been an agnostic American... just passing through, really. So can't say I've had strong opinions on the song. However, historically, my interest [. . .]
+ If Trump would go full on 100% tweeting out annoying things to the Twitterverse and causing every liberal to suffer TDS, I'd vote for him..just [. . .]
+ I think that a big issue facing parliamentary democracies is that modern media is leading to a situation where the Prime Minister becomes a President [. . .]
Avatarveronica d in reply to Jaybird
+ If someone is repeatedly irritating, wrong, and argues in bad faith, after a while people will begin to see such a person as an annoying [. . .]
AvatarOscar Gordon in reply to DensityDuck
+ Didn't say that I did. My patriotism isn't shallow. I give a shite what anyone does during the playing of the national anthem, [. . .]
AvatarPhilip H in reply to George Turner
+ To them, Trump is a direct threat to their status, privilege, estates, and carefully refined culture with its complex rules of etiquette. He’s the [. . .]
AvatarPhilip H in reply to DensityDuck
+ NO more or less so then the Pentagon paying the NFL and NBA and MLB to do the whole teams on the field for national [. . .]

Thank God the US has a Constitution that defines checks and balances, so this sort of thing could never happen here.

AvatarCJColucci in reply to Jaybird
+ What I support is that, when someone has proved to be an unreliable reporter of what he says he has read or said or written, [. . .]
AvatarMarchmaine in reply to Aaron David
+ Right... which begs the question whether NeverTrump see's itself as Quixotic, Cynical or Sacrificial. Personally, I lean towards cynical where they are burnishing their [. . .]
AvatarGeorge Turner
+ I could easily imagine Never Trump Republicans as The Downton Abbey elite. They seem convinced that only someone of proper breeding and manners [. . .]
AvatarAaron David in reply to Marchmaine
+ The Republican party will not reconstitute itself in the mold of either of the tripartite groups you mention, as that is the paradigm of a [. . .]

Do you support the idea of people commenting on what they read or, in your view, should they just keep it to themselves?

AvatarDensityDuck in reply to CJColucci
+ Brother, you have got an entire comments section to explain what's wrong with his statement, and you can post here all day long. Or [. . .]
AvatarMarchmaine in reply to Jaybird
+ I think I'd put that more in response to HM1 rather than HM3... right now Biden is running a sort of "Silent National Unity" campaign. [. . .]