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Pierre Delecto Breaks the Internet
Disney Just Made Me Obsolete – AGAIN!
Hillarity Ensues: Clinton vs Tulsi

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AvatarChip Daniels in reply to LeeEsq
+ A "worker" is defined as a white Midwestern guy in a hard hat. A Latina home health care aid, Hispanic farm worker, black film grip, or [. . .]
+ I'm in academia, and trust me, a lot of us remain absolutely silent about our tv watching habits in Certain Company; I have more colleagues [. . .]
AvatarLeeEsq in reply to George Turner

And its the vote of white people that count the most in your world, isn't it? Everybody else doesn't really count that much.

AvatarKazzy in reply to Saul Degraw

People lie about reading because reading is valued. This isn’t hard.

People aspire to read.

AvatarGeorge Turner in reply to Chip Daniels
+ She didn't even win among white women. By "working class" I suppose you include all those union people in the Screen Actors Guild. What's double amusing is [. . .]
AvatarNorth in reply to Chip Daniels

Hee hee don't ruin it Chip, he's on a roll!

AvatarChip Daniels in reply to George Turner

Ron Howard voice:
Actually, Hillary won the working class vote.

AvatarPinky in reply to Jaybird
+ In fairness to teachers, there's a phase that teens go through where they hate everything. You can't blame teachers for every sullen teenage temper [. . .]
AvatarChip Daniels in reply to Jaybird

Not unless you consider culture to be a demographic trait.

"deeply engaged and supportive of their children’s education" is not a demographic trait.

AvatarGeorge Turner in reply to North
+ The ultra wealthy did great under Obama, especially if they were in his circle so they got huge government green energy contracts. How many [. . .]
AvatarChip Daniels in reply to Jaybird
+ Yes they do. Any school where the parents are deeply engaged and supportive of their children's education will produce good results. The quality of teachers doesn't seem [. . .]

Hey, so long as we've gone from "who will we hire?" to "how do we know the people applying are good?", I'm okay with that.

AvatarNorth in reply to George Turner
+ Heh, such a joker you are George. Trump is more like the opposite of an enterprising individual in that he'd bring the various elements of [. . .]
AvatarCJColucci in reply to Jaybird

Given enough monkeys and enough typewriters. . .

Oh, do "good schools" have demographics in common often enough for us to reach conclusions about it?

AvatarNorth in reply to Aaron David
+ That's because it was. Yet more evidence to throw on the heap that HRC is out of politics and not coming back (to run for [. . .]
+ We're still in a place where there are hundreds of applicants for every single teaching position. When that gets down to, oh, "dozens", maybe "we won't [. . .]
AvatarLeeEsq in reply to Jaybird
+ Good schools usually have demographics of parents that don't complain about challenging or interesting books. We read Herman Hesse in the 11th grade without edits. [. . .]
AvatarCJColucci in reply to Jaybird

And they would be found where, and induced to take the jobs how?

AvatarDensityDuck in reply to Jaybird
+ Firefly was helped immensely by being cut off so quickly. As I've said elsewhere, there's a universe where Firefly wasn't cancelled and it had [. . .]
+ Babylon 5 was *AMAZING* until the Shadow War ended. Then I put it down and thought "Wow, that was great. I don't even *NEED* the [. . .]
AvatarDavidTC in reply to Chip Daniels
+ It's actually sorta a wrong statement, honestly. One of the main premises of fascism is separating society into groups, where some of the groups are [. . .]
AvatarGeorge Turner in reply to Chip Daniels
+ Fascism's enemies were external, not internal, other than attacking the interests of the ruling class and large factory owners. One of its tenets was [. . .]
Avatarpillsy in reply to Jaybird
+ For me the really interesting case is Babylon 5, which is, full disclosure, my favorite show. So many features that we now regard as fundamental [. . .]
AvatarGeorge Turner in reply to North
+ Or you could argue that Romney was no different than Obama. In the debates he wouldn't disagree with Obama's policies and pitched himself as [. . .]
AvatarMerrie Soltis in reply to fillyjonk

If The Simpsons is available on Disney+, does FXX even need to exist anymore?

+ This is definitely me. I don't watch all that much TV. Some nights it might be an hour, but many other nights it [. . .]
+ Quantum Leap, for example, has aged *HORRIBLY*. I still love it so. Batman: The Animated Series hasn't aged a day. Not only ahead of its time, [. . .]
+ What the kids are doing nowadays has mostly moved away from traditional scripted television and movies. They live on YouTube, especially with ties to [. . .]
+ I have complete runs of both Buffy and Angel. And yes, of course Firefly. But I have run through them multiple times. [. . .]
+ Also: Good schools do better at not caving to the nutter who is upset that "I Am The Cheese" is still on the 8th Grade [. . .]
+ I was very lucky. I went to schools where the teachers were so good that I not only learned from the teachers who taught me, [. . .]
+ We are dealing with the paradox of choice when it comes to entertainment. When people had too few choices because of the limits of technology [. . .]
AvatarNorth in reply to LeeEsq
+ Don't forget the media. The media intensely needs two sides to their narrative so they are forced to constantly prop up the republicans they hate [. . .]
+ Man, though, I remember growing up in the "watch it live or wait a whole year for it" (or "for summer re-runs") era. That was [. . .]
+ It's gonna continue to be a great time for television watchers... for a while. But we all know this model isn't sustainable and a whole [. . .]
AvatarLeeEsq in reply to Pinky
+ The more challenging or interesting a book is, the likelier it will be to raise protests from some group. The books on the assigned list [. . .]
AvatarLeeEsq in reply to Chip Daniels
+ It's worse than that. Many White Democratic and non-voters voters desperately need there to be respectable White Republicans because the alternative is too horrible to [. . .]
AvatarNorth in reply to Saul Degraw
+ I don't think this works on multiple levels Saul. Frankly the only thing Romney and Trump have in common is a party affiliation and the [. . .]
AvatarBrandon Berg in reply to InMD
+ The flip side is that you're not paying what it would cost to buy all those movies to keep. You're paying a monthly fee for [. . .]
AvatarChip Daniels in reply to DavidTC

History agrees with you.

"Fascism exists to find enemies."

I'm appropriating this comment in the name of the people.

AvatarDavidTC in reply to Chip Daniels
+ It is theoretically possible for there to be a white ethno-nationalist party that isn’t misogynist or homophobic, but it would take some serious changes in [. . .]
AvatarPinky in reply to Jaybird
+ I think the problem is with the reading list. Not saying every teacher is great, but the assigned books never seem to be challenging [. . .]
+ This is so twitter that it hurts. How utterly inconsequential and yet so very big in the twitterverse. Exhibit #1,000,000 of how twitter reflects nothing [. . .]