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Our National Drug of Choice
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AvatarRyan in reply to Mark Thompson
+ Erm, I meant to quote this: "I am, frankly, quite certain that you could pass a very good health care bill with 40-45 Democrats and [. . .]
AvatarRyan in reply to Mark Thompson
+ I disagree with you that that would actually happen, but at the same time it would be interesting to see what the Senate would look [. . .]
+ Greg, I'm sure you are correct that there is a wide-range of opinions on health care on the Left. I'm not sure what the % [. . .]
+ Excellent post. Reihan is trying to say that Republicans in Congress (and their flock at the townhall protests) are yelling about Death Panels and Gulag [. . .]
Avatargreginak in reply to Mike at The Big Stick
+ Mike, I’m not sure if you are being sloppy with your words. It is not under any contention that L’s want universal health care. That [. . .]
+ Liberal democracy has permitted the accumulation of capital to increasingly dictate choice in opposition to governance by majority democratic decision. Out of curiosity, can you name [. . .]
+ Great post. I seem to be hearing a lot more of from repub policy wonks since the dems have been working on reform. I [. . .]
+ To probably over-simplify Republican opposition to Democrats' designs on healthcare, it all really comes down to a simple fact: none of us believe that Democrats [. . .]
+ I disagree somewhat strongly with the Donkeylicious post because it falls into the fallacy of assuming that the GOP Congressional leadership's interests are perfectly aligned [. . .]
AvatarWill in reply to Ryan

Ebert is a national treasure. The LXG review was great, but his best take down, for my money, was the Jay Mariotti goodbye letter:

AvatarSam M
+ "In other words, at the time Limbaugh made his remarks, there was no longer any reason to root for McNabb because of his race." Of course, [. . .]
AvatarRyan in reply to Jamelle

Ebert has lost the ability to speak.

+ Nonsense on stilts John. It's a right to free speech. Not a right to have people listen to your free speech. If the market decides [. . .]
+ Roger Ebert is underrated as both a writer and a dude. If he hadn't lost his voice (an incredible tragedy, that), he would be [. . .]
+ James Joyner has a pretty good response to the "one-man-boycott" of the NFL over this Outrage. It's sad when punditry - not even politics, but fealty [. . .]
AvatarJohn Howard Griffin in reply to Jaybird


“If drafted, I would refuse to play for the Raiders” == “If Hitler Stalin Obama gets elected, I’m Going Galt!”

AvatarJohn Howard Griffin in reply to Mark Thompson
+ The message you send is not merely "this speech must be silenced" but also "let market forces apply". In essence, free market forces do not always [. . .]
AvatarChris Dierkes in reply to Nob Akimoto


sounds like an excellent topic for a potential guest post. If your game of course. Just throwing it out there.

OK, so I have some issues with this post. But that's a great Sliders reference.

AvatarJaybird in reply to Mark Thompson

I confess that I don't know anything about football apart from the whole "Broncos rule" thing and the whole "Raiders suck" thing.

+ Kevin - Thanks for the thoughtful response. You're obviously more knowledgeable about this stuff than I am, but I do have a few questions for you: 1) [. . .]

I have, surprisingly, no problem with your or Moran's take.

+ Then again, the Raiders haven't had the easiest time recruiting free agents of late, and they just had that whole fiasco with Richard Seymour damn [. . .]
+ I frankly didn't really care if Limbaugh was the part owner of the Rams even if he has made racially charged statements. I think [. . .]
AvatarJaybird in reply to Mark Thompson

"If drafted, I would refuse to play for the Raiders" == "If Bush gets elected, I'm moving to Canada!"

+ What does it say that even I thought that was a parody until I saw the source? And, yep, that is exactly what I'm [. . .]
+ I wonder how many other owners of sports teams are racist? I mean, we'd never know because they aren't pundits or public figures like [. . .]
+ This would all make sense if it weren't for the fact that: (a) McNabb was indisputably one of the league's best quarterbacks at the time; [. . .]
+ Yes, there has been and still is a long history of people finding a symbol of identity and power in an athlete of their [. . .]
+ I expected to read about drugs and drug wars, given the headline. Bloviating may well be an addiction for Rush & Co. Blogger-bloviating an epidemic. But [. . .]
AvatarJohn Howard Griffin
+ This is just too good to pass up. Tonight… We Are All Rush Limbaugh Earlier this evening, as most of you now know, one of [. . .]
AvatarJaybird in reply to Sam M
+ "So when all that comes to pass, is it all that unreasonable to think, “I hope that guy succeeds”?" It depends on whether it's the guy's [. . .]
+ Fair point. Then again, how many people watch/don't watch a game because of who the minority owner is? I tend to think that [. . .]
AvatarSam M
+ As for McNabb, I think it would have been quite reasonable to hope that a black quarterback succeeds. I mean, given the history if treatment [. . .]
+ Personally, I think Rush would mean money for the league. People would tune in just to cheer against the Rams. People would tune in just [. . .]
+ Localism seems very much a myth. "Trade originated with the start of communication in prehistoric times. Trading was the main facility of prehistoric people, who [. . .]
Avatarmatoko_chan in reply to matoko_chan
+ More League of the South from Huff-po. It is this simple....the GOP simply cant attract minorities with racists. They cant attract the college-educated with creationists. And they absolutely [. . .]
+ Actually, I'm a huge fan of professional sports, and football in particular. But come on - are you really going to compare Rush Limbaugh [. . .]
+ Oh, I totally think secondary boycotts should be permitted under the First Amendment, including secondary union boycotts (which, by the way, are currently not protected [. . .]
AvatarSam M
+ "Limbaugh’s remark made about as much sense as saying that Larry Bird was idolized because he was white (and yes, there were a few who [. . .]
AvatarRyan in reply to Mark Thompson
+ How does a secondary boycott of advertisers show a lack of respect for free speech? This sort of thing gets said lot by people [. . .]
AvatarBob in reply to zic
+ zic, your link to the tomato grower in Maine was very interesting, I would like to taste one of those "Backyard Beauties." The [. . .]
AvatarNorth in reply to Bob Cheeks
+ My goodness Bob, silence the man? We on the left love him. His jowl waggling bloviating drives more and more voters into the arms of [. . .]
+ With regard to the race question, the comment that comes up most often is the one he made during his short tenure as a Monday [. . .]
+ Dude - the market is speech. And the Left doesn't want to silence Limbaugh - he's the best marketing tool they've got. Why [. . .]
AvatarSam M
+ Is it really all that outrageous to form strrong opinions when elements of politics and culture invade widely popular cultural institutions? Maybe you don't like [. . .]