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Big is beautiful (and inevitable)

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AvatarMichael Drew in reply to Mike at The Big Stick
+ Check the polling on the two issues and you'll find out why one group is bending over backward by offering a mere public option rather [. . .]
Avatar62across in reply to Mike at The Big Stick
+ The difference with Social Security was that the Democrats were arguing that the status quo (though not ideal) was preferable to privatization. They were [. . .]
+ I've seen it (and reviewed it!) and thought it was pretty great, for what it is. Try and catch it at one of the later [. . .]
AvatarBob Cheeks

Has anyone seen "Paranormal Activity," and how is it?

+ So if a private company can't compete with a massively subsidized option, they deserve to be out of business? Isn't that the exact opposite of [. . .]
+ If black QBs are under more pressure, it's because people like Limbaugh keep insinuating they're inferior to white QBs. As I said earlier, the question [. . .]
+ Then again, the Raiders haven’t had the easiest time recruiting free agents of late Trying to coerce one of your players into refunding part of his [. . .]
+ It's hard to have bipartisanship when the party in power says, "I wouldn't trust you guys with my life..but hey, you should totally trust us." [. . .]
AvatarMichael Drew in reply to Mark Thompson
+ There is no doubt that the bill you would like to have seen would not have been advanced by Democratic committee or caucus leaders, so [. . .]
+ I share your skepticism re the possibilities of removing subsidies and protection through political action, Erik. The trucking and highway lobby is pretty much [. . .]

I keep screwing up thos links:

+ Jeffery Polet has a great post up at FPR today where he discusses some of the problems with a lack of place. A good [. . .]

Good point there Mike. Yes. That's exactly why Democrats fight Republicans on Abortion restrictions. There really isn't any trust on either side.

AvatarJohn Howard Griffin in reply to Mark Thompson
+ I don't disagree. I was just struck by how your comment about "this speech must be silenced" seemed to disregard the market forces at [. . .]
+ Republican devotion to what you call “the status quo” is what’s causing minorities, the young and the educated to abandon them. No that is not what [. . .]
Avatar62across in reply to Mike at The Big Stick
+ All the versions of the public option I've seen present it as a basic program. If private insurance companies can't develop products to compete [. . .]

P.S. I had put greater than or equal to signs in this post, but they show up now as question marks.

Exactly. I touched on this a little in the post, but not enough. Thanks for fleshing that out.

AvatarJaybird in reply to John Howard Griffin
+ Sure. It strikes me as one of those empty threats where one can publicly scream about one's principle but, when the rubber meets the road, a [. . .]
+ Great post E.D. We should keep in mind also that in the very long term (barring some global disaster) we may see a return to [. . .]
AvatarBCChase in reply to ChrisWWW
+ Eh, I view them more as an old superstar athlete - Michael Jordan or Brett Favre writ large. They had a good thing, they were [. . .]
Avatarmatoko_chan in reply to ChrisWWW
+ "traditional wisdom" is a core theme conservatism. unfortunately that means they believe mechanisms and structures that worked successfully on the past will continue to keep working, [. . .]
+ If all 60 Democrats agreed to take the public option off the table I think you would see more than a few Republicans play ball. [. . .]
+ In effect, pundits get paid to be outraged. Not to keep going back to Joyner, but one reason he's popular is that he's never, as far [. . .]
+ So then why do liberals oppose any restrictions on abortion? Not trying to hijack the thread here, but isn't this what both sides do? We [. . .]
AvatarSam M
+ I agree that there is tedium. But it's tedium from the usual suspects. Of course K-Lo is going to be outraged. In effect, pundits get [. . .]
+ The problem is that even if you accept the slippery slope argument as valid in this instance, that is just all the more reason for [. . .]
+ You make good points, but the worry is that with even a public option the insurance companies could be driven out of business which would [. . .]
+ It might be nice - but there's no denying that's how both sides view each other in virtually every debate that comes up. You can't [. . .]
+ But the Republican devotion to what you call "the status quo" is what's causing minorities, the young and the educated to abandon them. So instead [. . .]
Avatarmatoko_chan in reply to matoko_chan

also, too.
The Republican sub-demes are ALL WHITE.
Which is why I don't think they can ever achieve electoral parity with the Democratic sub-demes.

+ I think my track record racking up thousands of zombie kills in Call of Duty World at War's zombie mode makes me the first and [. . .]

I always thought the female lead in Sliders was underrated. Sabrina Lloyd was faaantastic.

+ I'm taking a chance trying to post this again, since the first try hasn't shown up. Hope it doesn't double-post. Nob Akimoto: Again, though, [. . .]

Hey! I've seen every zombie movie ever. They don't get more expert than me.

+ gak. Reihan just believes the left side of the bellcurve deserves representation too. That is what he is all about. Sappy egalitarian. Two digit creationists and evangelical [. . .]
+ I don't think it's a conundrum at all. The thing about free speech and free markets is that you have to accept that they [. . .]

It's called the Slippery Slope fallacy.

Instead of worrying about what future legislators might do, we should focus on what is being proposed now.

AvatarJohn Howard Griffin in reply to E.D. Kain

I think that's the new definition of America, and could be a new slogan.

America: Way Beyond the Pale!

AvatarJohn Howard Griffin in reply to North
+ North, I agree with you. I think you might misunderstand my point. I was addressing Mark's point about secondary boycotts (of Rush's advertisers) [. . .]
Avatar62across in reply to Mike at The Big Stick
+ Mike - I agree with you that (generally) most liberals would prefer universal healthcare, though I'd quibble with the idea that this is some secret they're [. . .]

I saw JJ's response as well. I agree - it's the most sane thing I've read on this.

+ Like I said, I'd have no problem if the general reaction from the Right was to take this discussion down the road you're taking it [. . .]
+ That's a pretty nice argument in favor of no one ever compromising ever. Which is a really nice way to completely destabilize a democratic [. . .]
AvatarRyan in reply to Mark Thompson
+ Erm, I meant to quote this: "I am, frankly, quite certain that you could pass a very good health care bill with 40-45 Democrats and [. . .]
AvatarRyan in reply to Mark Thompson
+ I disagree with you that that would actually happen, but at the same time it would be interesting to see what the Senate would look [. . .]
+ Greg, I'm sure you are correct that there is a wide-range of opinions on health care on the Left. I'm not sure what the % [. . .]