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+ Ah, but Fox News is "conservative" if you consider conservatism to be a mere marketing gimmick, in the same way that Air America radio is [. . .]
+ Hey, you don't have to tell me! I say something like "I prefer decentralized control of the economy" and people accuse me of being a [. . .]
+ Andrew Sullivan has been Brilliant in his approach. He is certainly not making a fool of himself. Obama has a nuanced approach to politics. It [. . .]
+ Per j: Andrew Sullivan is an "Un-nuanced nut about torture." Because, really, torture is where you want people's arguments to be nuanced. (And this [. . .]
+ Pfft…its simple elitism, Freddie. Stratification by coolth. If you can afford the price, you buy coolth. If not , go without the meat and curse the bread. I [. . .]
+ Say what you will about Pol Pot, but at least he was trying to return his people to an authentic Rousseauian existence where they wouldn’t [. . .]
+ RWB: Now, for reasons I don’t fully understand, the culture has semi-reversed itself–which gives the right license to call the left a bunch of museum-going, [. . .]

And freddie.......macs are liberal and pcs are conservative.


Pfft...its simple elitism, Freddie.
Stratification by coolth.
If you can afford the price, you buy coolth.
If not , go without the meat and curse the bread.

+ The best way to look at Fox News is as a brilliant media product, one which is perfectly designed for its target audience and which [. . .]
+ j - that's Andrew's style, though. He uses his medium, and his repetitiveness, as a way to drive his points home, and indeed he [. . .]
+ There does seem to have been a change. In the past, the left would be thought of as the boorish, uncultured guys--union members and working [. . .]
+ Fox News is a business. Like any business it identifies a market demographic. Fox's demographic is basically working class and middle class movement conservatives of [. . .]
+ Andrew Sullivan links to all kinds of interesting things, but he has become a repetitive, un-nuanced nut on Palin and torture, and most of all [. . .]
+ Fox is trashy and awful, especially Beck and Hannity. Ifyou listen though, OReilly is much less predictable, and sometimes rather moderate. On gay issues [. . .]

Right wing nuts have rendered the both the word conservative and the word liberal meaningless. They are now working on socialism and fascism as well.

+ I think you have missed the point of the ads. The 'fat sweaty guy' does not represent PC users, he represents the PC itself. Unless [. . .]
+ Say what you will about Pol Pot, but at least he was trying to return his people to an authentic Rousseauian existence where they wouldn't [. . .]
+ I think we need a two-format solution, Jaybird. But in all honesty, the metaphor was only meant to extend to the bloody debate itself, not the [. . .]
+ In terms of Fraser’s critique–tyranny–I think the communitarian response to the tyranny critique would be simply to throw back in the face of the accuser [. . .]

Seems like 'the sea' needs a metaphorical representation as well, yes? Nationalization maybe?

+ Would Mac be Israel? Encroaching on the rightful property of PCs? Would Mac be Palestine? Trying to enjoy what tiny marketshare it has and then Windows [. . .]
+ Freddie write: "It is amazing how many of the supposed problems with PCs are solved by not being stupid and doing a tiny amount of [. . .]
AvatarE.D. Kain
+ No flame-baiting Max, just an observation on the sort of arguments that get loosed when discussing these two very oddly similar topics. Then again, [. . .]
+ You must see it like that, it is like politics, when Conservatives and Democrats (they are no liberals) fight each other on blogs and websites [. . .]
+ ED are you flame-baiting me? I just wrote a thirty-page essay on why the Palestinians are like Macs because they are overpriced, and why the Israelis [. . .]
AvatarE.D. Kain

Very interesting, Chris. Back to this later...

AvatarE.D. Kain
+ The one problem with these Apple vs. PC posts that lament some aspect of the Apple PC flame-war is that you inevitably invite more of [. . .]

First Peter MacKay and now this. David Orchard must be having a conniption.

+ Don't limit it to waterboarding. The argument that just because something is not torture when performed voluntarily under one set of circumstances that it cannot be [. . .]
+ Ok, fair enough. I got so focused on the capability of the OS, I forgot to take into account that cheaper = more powerful in [. . .]
+ Let me be quick to say, though-- I get a lot of friends asking me for computer advice. I tell people to buy Macs all [. . .]
+ As far as power goes, it's all about price point. Compare the power of the processor, the cache memory, the RAM, the video card... [. . .]
+ Freddie, where exactly do you get the idea that Windows is more "versatile" or "powerful" than MacOS? With the one notable exception of running the [. . .]
+ ... but there are advantages to a Mac as well, including security advantages (which are mostly due to its low market share) I don't think [. . .]

Later in that same post, there's another quote you can save for the morning. :)

+ You're not the PC. The PC is a computer. Hodgman says, "I'm a PC." He doesn't say "I'm a PC user." In the commercials the [. . .]

I've had people complain of the same thing re: Miss Malkin. Sorry, but I can't give spoiler alerts for everyone's taste...

Usually if you just scroll over a link without clicking on it, it will give you the address of the outgoing link.

+ I think this phenomenon was on full display in that video of the end of the NYU "protests." In one breath you had this [. . .]
AvatarChris Dierkes
+ Cas, This is an important point you are raising that I plan on addressing in one of the later posts (in the critiques of Barnett). [. . .]
AvatarRoque Nuevo
+ That's what I do. But it's annoying to see Sullivan open up in a new tab and then have to close it and go back [. . .]
AvatarRoque Nuevo
+ ED Kain: "your safest bet is to ditch your TV altogether. I haven’t seen one of these ads in years…." That's another of the beauties of [. . .]
+ I also have a special bond - love/hate - with Apple. As a kid we always had those old B&W models with the screen [. . .]
+ Hmmm. This whole identity branding is the natural extension of any advertising, I suppose - and is especially effective in a hyper-consumerist society. [. . .]
+ A pox on both the houses of Gates and Jobs. Use Linux. :) Seriously--Microsoft is still making boatloads of money (zillions of computer makers [. . .]
+ Use Firefox and hit ctrl when you click a link - that opens it up in a different tab. Then you don't have to [. . .]