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Why I’m Conflicted on Torture Prosecutions
I think…
(Intellectually) Leggy Blond
Why I care about this Apple vs. PC business
Sunday Poem series
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AvatarRoque Nuevo
+ "this isn’t a Constitutional issue , it’s a criminal law issue, and the torture memos are beyond poorly reasoned from a legal standpoint." I'm not sure [. . .]
AvatarRoque Nuevo
+ Ooops! I guess I got the quote from an article that Transplanted Lawyer linked to. I don't think it's worth it to find now and [. . .]
+ Seal your lips with the black stich of a secret Parade with the speechless dryness of the desert Lay flat under the limelight you feed off of [. . .]
+ I take your point that the "noble lie" vs actually believing in the communitarian ideal is an important distinction between the two intellectual traditions, and [. . .]
+ For the record, Roque's post suggests that I wrote the following: The CIA wants you to believe waterboarding is effective. Yet somehow, it took them [. . .]
+ But Roque - this isn't a Constitutional issue , it's a criminal law issue, and the torture memos are beyond poorly reasoned from a legal [. . .]

Jaybird meet Sonny.
My favorite.
Dude, the music never evolves.

AvatarRoque Nuevo
+ I would agree with Cascadian, above, if this were a situation like the Nixon "enemies list" or where we were using torture on a massive [. . .]
+ "I consider them self-defeating; weeds in the grass - indeed, toxic. " The problem is...the base thinks Beck is the second coming. Someone needs to disabuse them. The [. . .]
+ Hey Freddie, after buying dozens of Macs and PCs over the years, I find it a simple fact that a Mac offers more versatility and [. . .]
+ The comparison to Insane Clown Posse is an exceptionally good one, I think. An ICP shirt tells me "you probably don't want to interact with [. . .]

Hannity is Israel, Beck is Palestine?

+ Speaking of ICP - don't ever have it on when some half-drunk hillbilly drops acid for the first time and wants to get in a [. . .]
AvatarWilliam Brafford
+ I was going to stay out of this, but if we're going to play the comparison game: Glenn Beck is to ICP as Sean Hannity [. . .]
+ I'm not sure justification or even explanation is the right approach for Beck (or Rush for that matter). I consider them self-defeating; weeds in [. . .]
+ "He’s a fraud, a phony, and he’s toying with our more dangerous instincts. That’s very dishonest and possibly could lead to some wingnuts taking matters [. . .]

Written when he was sixteen--Tennyson was one of the great poetic talents of all time.

AvatarChris Dierkes
+ N A, That's an interesting point. Though if I understand Strauss correctly the myth is a noble lie. Like the way the neocons used [. . .]
+ Thanks for the interesting post. This has gotten at two points I've thought about for a while: that FNC's distinguishing characteristic, even more than its [. . .]
+ Unless I'm entirely mistaken I believe I devote a tremendous portion of my writing to this subject, matako. If you're stating that I need [. . .]
+ Julian/24: I beg to differ on NPR's political slant. I don't disagree that it is more focused on stories "multiculturalism, civil rights [and] internationalism," but [. . .]
+ So....what you doing about it, E.D. ? More importantly, is Ross going to address it, your figurehead, your intellectual factotem? Or just continue to wink and look [. . .]

Sadly, they probably do matako. This is fire we're playing with.

+ I think it would be instructive to analyze the mob psychology themes that Beck is openly exploiting. The whole conspiracy theory mantra, the juxtaposition [. . .]
+ This might be the first time I've been inclined to agree with James on anything, ever. For me the only - and pretty much exclusive - [. . .]
+ Of course I do, matako. Beck is the logical extension of O'Reilly and Hannity. He's the only way to top them. He's [. . .]

E.D. are lumping BillO and Hannity in with Beck.
Do you honestly not see a difference?


Even BillO and Dennis Miller see how insane Beck is.
Shep Smith too.
But the base adores him.
Palin redux.

+ "The message is lost, or when it’s clear it’s divisive. " Exactly....the SNR is very low. The teaparty message is supposed to be anti-establishment, but its wholly [. . .]
+ I appreciate the concern for prosecuting officials for what they do in the line of duty. However, torture and domestic unwarranted wire taps are [. . .]
+ "Think we need more of it?" Yup. Beck is an insane clown. I don't see you guys calling that a'tall. There is a giant disconnect between the [. . .]

Andrew picked his pic, not me. I mentioned Beck....or am I missing your point?

+ Mike, conservatives at large are not helping this perception. This is largely the Fox News quotient, but it was also the fervor over Palin; [. . .]

btw, E. D.
BillO isn't the face of the base.....Beck is.
Own it.

AvatarChris Dierkes
+ DivGuy, Right (as they would say in England) are definitely correct that his critique goes all the way down to the core of liberalism. MacIntyre [. . .]
+ From E.D: Why have they conceded defeat there - in the arts, in literature, in music - trading it instead for trash television and cheap rhetoric? [. . .]
+ matako - I thought we'd done a lot of that, discussing the two types of conservative appeal, the Palin vs. Burke thing ad nauseum....and over [. . .]
+ I think using the national security state as an example of "liberalism" to critique is a bit misguided insofar as that sort of state structure [. . .]
+ I don't necessarily think there's anything basically conservative about the approach taken by NPR. NPR is reasonable, measured, and non-sensationalist. While on the [. . .]
+ Freddie et al. To me, the "PC vs. Mac" debate is analogous to car ownership, and no, I'm not referring to the old Pinto/BMW argument. What [. . .]
+ I see the meat as being very much a question of "where do we no longer have a right to tell other people how they [. . .]
+ Now, for reasons I don’t fully understand, the culture has semi-reversed itself I think the apparent change in tone reflects a change in the underlying location [. . .]

What is a sociopath?No conscience,no shame and no empathy.Thats the new conservative model.

+ To return to my original point - whether you agree with the sketch of a critique of capitalism or not - I think it's important [. . .]
+ I wonder about the chasm between the two parts of the "conservatives"....on one hand the base worships Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin.....but the intellectual conservatives [. . .]
+ Matt: "Because, really, torture is where you want people’s arguments to be nuanced." Winner. I'll never get why people think Sullivan on the level of Limbaugh. [. . .]
+ charles - I think you have it. It's all about your team, as in the one you are a fan of or, in earlier times [. . .]