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A little bailout humor for a Tuesday afternoon…
affinity and expectations
Obama and Pakistani Politics
Capital not Trade Regulation

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+ The West Bank was not conquered. It was occupied in defending against conquest by the Arab states. I don't care what you call it, the place [. . .]
AvatarE.D. Kain
+ Hey Roque, we're always going to have to agree to disagree. If you can't see how unanimous support of one country's government for another [. . .]
+ Hey, ED Kain, Good one! Very funny! You're showcasing your dry irony here on me and it hurts! Now, can you at least respond to some points [. . .]

Thanks for your understanding, James. Your comments are valued and I hope you will continue providing them.


+ I'm not quick to see "legislative manipulation." In fact, I didn't even mention the AIPAC option or the "Israel Lobby" option at all. [. . .]

James, your first comment was removed as it contravened our commenting policy.

+ The senate is out of step with the American people on a wide number of issues, not just the Gaza operation. When it comes [. . .]
+ this assault on top of a blockade, carried out with an “iron fist” as the US was in transition from one president to another [. . .]
+ Ok... Firstly you abandon what I found one of your most admirable traits: your anti-Sartrean assumption of good faith. You describe Alan Moore as a "cynical [. . .]

I know - writer's block is killing me!

+ Mark, Those are good points, and I'm not really advocating a split entirely from capitalism, only a rethinking of its implementation. Perhaps neo-distributism is the [. . .]
+ A few points and questions: 1. I'm not quite sure how you're defining capitalism here. A central tenet of most free market/capitalist thought is [. . .]
+ Very moving piece, Erik. Living (when I'm home, and not in Maryland) with my parents in a house that my great-grandfather built, five minutes from [. . .]
Avataruncle joe mccarthy
+ E.D. Kain, so happy that you liked the incredibles. i suggest you pick up watchmen and see how much bird borrowed from that book to create [. . .]
+ Mark, I couldn't agree more. Child-rearing is extremely liberating. I truly have never felt so anchored and content before, and it is an [. . .]
+ "No, what makes me really despise that little invocation of rape and humiliation is how endlessly cute Alan Moore imagines himself to be ..." Who [. . .]
AvatarPhilip P

"If this sort of ham handedness and lack of subtlety took place in a regular novel, people would laugh."

Sadly, I doubt it.

+ Two comments on liberty, parenthood and home. After my son was born I realized that something liberating had happened. I was freed from the [. . .]
+ The allusions may seem simplistic and obvious and “wouldn’t work as a novel”. But that’s the point. Watchmen was done as a comic, not a [. . .]
+ Zardari is the most pro-American of the civilian politicians in Pakistan. Right -- and in this sentence you sum up the problem, that "pro-Americanness" is [. . .]
+ "A movie about sleeping with an older woman, feeling disconnected from life and falling in love… well, I won’t say it couldn’t get made, or [. . .]
+ Freddie, is it really the violence that's bothering you? Or the is it the absence of "a little love and a little humor and [. . .]
+ I also stopped reading because children know how to read. feh! *twirls moustache* It seems like you're using the flaws of the film to bash not [. . .]
+ Freddie, This is almost exactly how I felt watching "A History of Violence" which was much lauded for its artistic vision and depth etc. etc. [. . .]
AvatarE.D. Kain

I know, Bob. I only kid...

+ Dave: Okay, thanks. I'll check your cite. I'm brainstorming here anyway so I'm more than willing to modify my hypothesis. How's this for a working mofification? Increases [. . .]
+ Too efficient? With all due respect, one of the causes of the financial meltdown was an enormous information asymmetry between what the market believed [. . .]
+ F, it is hard to write criticism. Don't undertake the task lightly. Which von Triers have you seen? The truncated USA trilogy is shit indeed; but [. . .]
+ Yes, I think this critique is a bit blunt. Any writer or artist to who takes a revered, meaningful mythos and plays with it may [. . .]
+ But sometimes, people ask: why do bad movies get made? Why does bad art get made? This is why bad art gets made: it gets [. . .]
+ This post gets at my problems with Watchmen as well, though I never finished the comic, so what I can say about that is limited. [. . .]

If the word subjective references anything it references art.


E.D. it's the first, a compliment.

+ Chris: I have an I believe original theory that I think fits your essay. Up until the 1990s, there were transaction costs related to the global flow [. . .]
+ I'm reading Watchmen for the first time right now. (The movie hype reminded me that it was something I'd always meant to take a [. . .]

Jesus, Freddie. First The Dark Knight, now Watchmen. I think you just pretend to dislike anything remotely popular because you think that makes you cool.

Avatarpaul h.
+ Well, if you read Moore's other stuff, it's not just all about the ultraviolence ... also, Snyder added various extra R-rated violent-esque things, so this [. . .]

or "You just don't get it"


in b4 massive Watchmen-fan deluge

+ All I can see is symbols shouting “This! Is! A! Symbol!” and metaphors screaming “This! Is! A! Metaphor!” And "This! Is! Sparta!". Oh wait, [. . .]

Thanks, Bob. (I suppose that's either a compliment or a very, very neutral statement...) ;-)


I read every word.

AvatarChris Dierkes
+ ED, Scott No two ways about it. This is a 15 dimensional chess game simultaneously. Here unlike Iraq or Iran there is an actual [. . .]