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memories & happiness
Did torture work?
The welfare state wasn’t designed to be run by status-obsessed assholes
the continuing oddity of the circumcision debate
quote for the afternoon
Chris Wallace (isn’t making any sense)
defining American interests
Likelihood of Success in Afghanistan
food for thought
What is Charlotte Allen arguing?

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+ That's tricky though. My ego is far and away more boisterous than any other part of me. It shows up to all the [. . .]

Yes that certainly does sound familiar...hmmmm....

You're only saying that because you want to redistribute my wealth.

+ I don't know what they mean by "happiness" in this article. For example, I can't, for a second, imagine a Rolex making me happy. I'm [. . .]
+ In my humble opinion this issue is ego-based. (But show me a good issue that isn't!) When our fellow earthlings learn to overcome their egos the [. . .]
+ I read the Bergan article. It is tendentious and preaches to the choir. For example, In a speech he gave three months later at [. . .]
+ Bribery and extortion are already unlawful. You can enforce the law more rigorously, though I suspect that a problem you encounter with white-collar crime [. . .]
+ Reading Lehrer can be dangerous. First he tells us that satisfying desires not only does not end them, but leads to more craving. [. . .]
AvatarJaybird in reply to James
+ I dunno. "Nature's Intentions" strike me as something less than laudable. I try not to use them for anything but something to think about when [. . .]
+ It's a great series so far. My only complaint is that it does get a little too dark, and I wish I could like [. . .]
+ I don't believe things "have" to be a certain way -- we can accomplish objectivity. I don't know why the League hates my ideas -- except [. . .]
+ There doesn't necessarily have to be a military solution to every problem. As bad as I hate Keynes, he had an economic solution after WWI [. . .]
+ I'm all for freer trade as a mechanism of peace - but I strongly oppose private military operations, or mercenary armies, operating as peacekeepers. [. . .]
+ Probably, Chris. The Cheney element - the "dark side" - is indeed strong, but I think we're witnessing a trend. When the GOP [. . .]
+ I'm just saying that in practice, that's what any truth commission would look like. I know it's not what you would envision, but it's [. . .]
+ Art Deco, how about simply prohibiting corruption in office, with a powerful objective group which can enforce that? Shouldn't be any harder than the [. . .]
+ Plus, I'm not talking about a trial. Judges and lawyers are good with that, but what I'm talking about is experts who've spent their lives [. . .]

I'm not talking about retired politicians -- for God's sake, that would be disastrous. I don't know where that came from. I said "thinkers".

+ Perhaps "intervention" should become global responsiveness. Yet, I think our greatest involvement will be, and should be, economic involvement, and this moreso private than [. . .]
AvatarChris Dierkes
+ good post e. i guess my question is whether the democracy promotion was just a veneer covering (a still untouched) tough kernel of American [. . .]
AvatarChris Dierkes
+ it's tough. basically al-qaeda has largely moved next door to Pakistan. Victory for the US (in the peace/stabilization sense is completely unclear to me). [. . .]
+ People also love to rate themselves as being of above average intelligence while simultaneously believing that everyone they don't know is a moron. It [. . .]
AvatarC., Esq.
+ I am dumbstruck at how little Charlotte Allen appears to know about food politics. First, locovores didn't rejoice at the sharp rise in grocery prices over the [. . .]
AvatarJaybird in reply to James
+ I've seen plenty of people use the "as nature intended" argument before. AIDS was given as an example of what can happen when you work against [. . .]

I don't think that I've seen anyone, anywhere argue that.

+ Right, a reversable decision. Personally I'm against ear piecings, but on those grounds it stikes me as less of a concern than a procedure which [. . .]

I wasn't trying to suggest otherwise - more agreeing with you, actually.

+ Once upon a time, I could have told you what success in Afghanistan would look like: Osama confirmed killed or captured. That was pretty much it. Barring [. . .]
AvatarJaybird in reply to Mark Thompson
+ Please understand. I am not trying to defend or support (or condemn, for that matter) anything. I'm just trying to figure out what happened (or [. . .]

Okay Mike. Sorry I misunderstood what you were looking for in a truth commission.

+ I tend to think that judges and juries do a pretty good job interpreting facts and law, or at least a better job than a [. . .]
+ Well, perhaps it's not partisan on your part -- I apologize, but most of the hoopla is -- this is why we need an objective [. . .]
+ Mike, Terrorists existed when Reagan signed the law strengthening the US prohibition against torture. Reagan had actually declared his own war on international terrorism. Before that we [. . .]
+ Some of you are beginning to sound like law and order Republicans. As we go forward in Iraq and Afghanistan, fighting an enemy that [. . .]
+ ChrisWWW -- I disagree -- I think there is much to learn from all this. In a world now under the threat of terrorist acts, [. . .]

My schools are fine. I just worry about the schools in the places where people tend to not be polled.

+ I too have been struck by the lack of attention paid to the relevance of the data from the African circumcision trials to HIV transmission [. . .]
+ IOW - it's easier to attack us in Iraq than here. This, of course, has a two-fold effect - those few who would be [. . .]

What a brilliant and well written post! Fantastic!

And yes, please, let's stop the routine circumcision of infants in America, because it's WRONG.

+ Mike, These questions were answered long ago by American leaders who signed comprehensive bans on torture even under difficult circumstances like war. We also already know that [. . .]
+ People also love their own lawsuits but hate those of others. People also seem to relentlessly reelect their own incumbents but want other peoples pol's [. . .]
AvatarJaybird in reply to James

To create pairbonds between the daddy and mommy! So that they will mate for life! And be fruitful and multiply!

As nature intended.

+ Yes, these are the questions a Truth Commission could consider -- it would very enlightening if we had some of our top thinkers, public and [. . .]
AvatarJaybird in reply to Ryan
+ Don't get me wrong. I am a huge fan of Nothing. It is, however, the case that there were a non-zero number of attacks against Western [. . .]
AvatarRyan in reply to Jaybird
+ Whereas I think the reason we haven't been attacked again is that being attacked in the first place was largely coincidental. Which is not [. . .]