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Bernie Sanders vs Bernie Sanders for President 2020
Defending Skyler White
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Sunday Morning! On Reading (and reading and reading) Thomas Wolfe
Weekend Plans Post: The Perfect Pizza
Clare Briggs
The Annual Smoker
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The New Religion of The OA
If Shakespeare Had a Mom
The Work: Trump 2020 Reveals Its Strategy
Clare Briggs
And He Joined a Private Club
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Renown Architect Cesar Pelli, Dead at 92
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AvatarGeorge Turner in reply to Jaybird
+ Hondurans and Guatemalans would canvas for votes for a third what Bernie's union staffers are demanding. One of his opponents should bring that up. [. . .]

People that hated Skyler White were always, always, ALWAYS telling on themselves.

AvatarAndrew S.
+ I'm nearing what I hope is the end of Prey, which has managed to keep surprising me (while still adequately foreshadowing other things). I [. . .]
+ This is a great opportunity. "I am paying my people the minimum wage that I fight for! AND I CALL UPON EACH AND EVERY ONE OF [. . .]
AvatarChip Daniels in reply to George Turner

Which is why when I go to an Antifa rally, my sign says "We Came Unarmed- THIS TIME"

Gotta thank the lawyers for the disclaimer.

AvatarGeorge Turner in reply to DavidTC
+ I think the law is pretty clearly doesn't apply to constitutional conventions, or voting people out of office, or other mechanisms that are built in [. . .]

You've got to admire the accomplishment - they made a cat video the internet dislikes.

AvatarMichael Cain in reply to George Turner

Unconstitutionally vague? What about advocating for an exit-clause amendment? Or for a constitutional convention?

+ I hope there's a secondary part of the agreement that stipulates that in the event that a staffer works more than 42-43 hrs in a [. . .]
AvatarGeorge Turner
+ I don't think Bernie should pay his staffers anything. If they truly believed in transforming American into a socialist paradise, they wouldn't act like [. . .]
AvatarDoctor Jay
+ When people say things like this, I often wonder whether, perhaps, they weren't cheated on by their own wife while they had cancer. Or [. . .]
AvatarGeorge Turner in reply to DavidTC
+ See 18 U.S. Code § 2385. Advocating for the overthrow of the US government, or even knowingly affiliating with those who do, is punishable by [. . .]
AvatarOscar Gordon
+ There are very few Union advocates who, when they find themselves on the other side of Unions, are so willing to give the Union everything [. . .]
AvatarAaron David in reply to Saul Degraw
+ That is a good question. Growing up, I read anything and everything; backs of cereal boxes, any and all literature, printing on maps, and [. . .]
AvatarJS in reply to Blake
+ It's a fantastic game. It won Game of the Year over Spiderman, which itself was a fantastic game. The NG+ mode was added by player demand, [. . .]
AvatarSaul Degraw
+ I remember seeing an old cartoon with book reviewers on strike protesting the length of Wolfe's work. As usual, I am pondering what makes or turns [. . .]
+ Yeah, the boss fight that is 100% different than the rest of the game has been the downfall of more than one game. (Remember the [. . .]
AvatarMike Schilling
+ Did you ever read Youngblood Hawke? It's Herman Wouk's fictionalized version of Wolfe's life. I read it when I much too young to understand [. . .]
+ One of the functions of ancient drama was catharsis. We discharge our emotions by watching the protagonist suffer the inevitable consequences of his human shortcomings [. . .]
AvatarSlade the Leveller
+ Annual baseball trip with my son this weekend. We’re seeing the Rubber Ducks, Captains, and Tincaps. The best part was meeting a good friend for [. . .]
AvatarSlade the Leveller in reply to Em Carpenter

Let’s face it, even mediocre pizza is pretty good. I’m lucky to live in Chicago, where I’ll never have to settle.

AvatarBrandon Berg
+ I barely remember the first GoW, and never played the sequels, but what I do remember is being annoyed at getting to the final showdown [. . .]
AvatarDavidTC in reply to George Turner
+ So we outlawed communism, without a single vote of Democrat opposition in either house, and over the opposition of J Edgar Hoover. I love how [. . .]
AvatarAaron David

Ya know, I quit years ago, but boy do I still dream of all the little rituals around it.

The clarity of thought.

AvatarMike Dwyer
+ I worked several summers in non-air-conditioned warehouses but the hottest work I have ever done was week-long archaeological survey in Perryville, KY. This was the [. . .]
AvatarGeorge Turner in reply to DavidTC
+ Well, we did manage to execute quite a few Soviet spies, but not soon enough to stop them from stealing our atomic secrets and building [. . .]
AvatarDavidTC in reply to George Turner
+ There are communists in government who work to undermine our country and they needed to be rooted out. It's no longer constitutional to remove people [. . .]

If you haven’t seen how Kimmy Schmidt sends up CATS... well, you should. Season 4.

Avataraaron david
+ Whew... finally got to the 80's here. It had been hovering in the '70s for too long this summer! Though with the rain, it was [. . .]

My very first Mindless Diversions essay was about that story!

Well, it was about Inception. But it was about how Inception was a lady/tiger story.

Avataratomickristin in reply to Vikram Bath
+ I just Googled that and it's got a lot of puzzles in it, which the second season of The OA has, so it does fit. [. . .]
Avataratomickristin in reply to George Turner

That sounds intriguing, thanks!

+ Yes that's one of the criticisms of Woolf's original essay - that working class people and minorities were at so much greater a disadvantage that [. . .]
Avataratomickristin in reply to fillyjonk
+ That was EXACTLY what I said when I saw it too. The trailer I saw even had Rebel Wilson falling off a windowsill and [. . .]
+ >The Lady or the Tiger The Raymond Smullyan book? Or another one? I hope it's the Smullyan one. Or maybe I don't because it means I [. . .]
Avataratomickristin in reply to North
+ I spend 40 hours a week getting paid to help people conceive. It's not as easy as many people think. And parenting books [. . .]
Avataratomickristin in reply to dragonfrog
+ That has also been my experience although that may have changed some since I was that leftist. Having kids was decidedly outre when I [. . .]
+ There are some seriously fun moments. But they're interspersed with your son coming to terms with something or other and you see Kratos raise his hand [. . .]
+ As awesome as the first three GoWs sound, this new one sounds awful. We are not allowed to have fun any more. ('course, I'm still playing [. . .]
+ I think I get it, but I also think the scare quotes are vital to the use of the word "selfish" here. (And I'm sure [. . .]
Avatarpillsy in reply to Andrew Donaldson
+ He seems to have since walked-back his walk-back. Now he'll presumably bounce back and forth over it like a crack-addled pinball through to the election, at [. . .]
AvatarMichael Drew in reply to North
+ @North, Isn’t this where someone says that at the relevant point in the 2014-15-16 timeframe (we may be past the analogous point in this cycle [. . .]
AvatarDW Dalrymple in reply to Andrew Donaldson
+ The troops, I can’t even fathom the heat you all had to deal with along with carrying out your duty. On my end, working the [. . .]
AvatarDW Dalrymple in reply to Brandon Berg
+ Thanks, it was hot Brandon but I was young, still was “invincible” so I made it through. There’s hotter places out there where people are [. . .]
+ Luckily I only had to pass through there, never staying more than a few days, but Al Udeid in Qatar is about the hottest I've [. . .]
+ I prefer to eat out at places with food that I can't make or is hard or takes a long time to make--like Sushi or [. . .]
+ Here's one thing that the movie will not do: Mamie Parris sang that line with *ONE FREAKING BREATH*. Watch it again. That ain't possible. But she [. . .]