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multiverses 24

Video Throughput: The Madness of Multiverses

In this video, I look at multiverses, which have become the big thing in movies and TV shows. Is there any science meat on that bone? Let’s take a look:

Failure 2

The Joys of Collective Failure

In fairness, not all collective failures are like the stock photos above, however.Sometimes there are systems involved that encourage collective failure.

speeding 16

Speed Gripping

The devil is in the details for something like this, though at baseline I prefer something like this to speeding cameras.

Case 8

Embrace The Case

Apple and others will tell you that their phones don’t need cases. Do not believe them.


DART Closes In

If this asteroid were headed for Earth, DART would have to hit it about 500 years in advance for such a velocity correction to make it miss.

Artemis Delayed 8

Thursday Throughput: Artemis Delayed Edition

The program, started by President Bush as Constellation, cancelled by President Obama and then resurrected by President Trump as Artemis, has been somewhat contentious.

big bang 37

Thursday Throughput: Yes, the Big Bang Happened

The TL;DR version here is that Lerner still cannot adequately explain the primary evidence in favor of the Big Bang, is misquoting both the JWST results and the scientists involved and has yet to present an alternative cosmology that works

uhura 60

Thursday Throughput: Uhura Edition

Out of this madness, Uhura appeared. A vision in red and black. Beautiful, smart as hell and not interested in nobody’s nonsense.

Heat Wave 10

Mini-Throughput: Heat Wave Edition

An unprecedented heat wave inevitably comes the debate on whether it is the result of global warming. The answer is no, but yes.

BA5 46

Thursday Throughput: BA5 Edition

Basically, we seem to be in a cycle where COVID is throwing new things at us every six months or so as it continues to circulate through populations.


JWST Unveils the Cosmos

After a quarter of a century, we are finally getting the results of this massive project. And, already, JWST exceed our expectations.