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covid 23

Mini-Throughput: A Year of COVID

It has been almost exactly one year since I first wrote about the Coronavirus. It has been one hell of a 366 days of COVID

Perseverance video 3

Perseverance Video

What you’re seeing is a stunning feat of engineering and human endeavor. Let’s hope the Perseverance video just a taste of what’s to come.

Perseverance 32

Perseverance Does the Impossible Again

I will never not be amazed that human beings can do things like Perseverance. The vision, the skill, the audacity — the human race at its best.

Artemis Program 7

Mini-Throughput: Artemis Program Edition

My preferred approach at this point is to orient Artemis Program around a series of achievable goals and less around specific dates.

dark matter 13

Thursday Throughput: Dark Matter Edition

Dark energy, which comprises a whopping 70% of the universe, is something we are only beginning to formulate questions about, let alone understand.

Proxima Centauri 2

Thursday Throughput: Proxima Cen Edition

What happened here was that the team got a signal that can’t be easily ruled out as interference. That doesn’t mean it’s aliens.

Saturn and Jupiter Conjunction 2

Worlds Are Colliding!!!

Enjoy the “Christmas Star”. The ancients thought such conjunctions were portent. Let’s hope this one portends a better 2021.

vaccine 46

Mini-Throughput: The Reality of a Vaccine

If everything pans out-and I caution the ice still a bit precarious-Dec 8, 2020 will go down as one of the great dates in human history.

arecibo 2

I Left My Heart in Arecibo

It hurts to say Arecibo “was.” Not simply because it isn’t the largest telescope anymore, but because it is no more.