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Team Pillbillies, FTW

I was wrong. I thought I’d heard every West Virginia joke there is. But then the drug companies decided to make bank off the “pillbillies”.

To the Place I Belong

By this point, I am afraid that the absurdity of all this had become too much to bear.

MRAPs police

How Tan Was My MRAP

With police accountability very much in question, the easy and flippant lip service of “at no cost” and “find a way to use it” are grossly irresponsible

Jim Justice

Big Jim vs The Corona

When West Virginia’s governor “Big Jim” Justice speaks, the residents hold our breath to see what sort of colorful (read: embarrassing) babble will come out


One of Three, But Should Be Many

Thinking we are better off without such people as Najib Ahmad Bakhtari in our nation is lunacy.

West Virginia

About that Clean Water and Air in West Virginia

There is much about environmental sciences/climate change debate that I do not know much about. The water and air in West Virginia? That I know about.

Mike Maroney

Dirty Politics

If Maroney is proven guilty, his ouster is not inappropriate, though I am of the opinion that such ouster should occur at the voting booth.

Trump’s Useful Idiot

The bully doesn’t really care about his minion; he’s simply a useful idiot. West Virginia is Donald Trump’s useful idiot.

Patrick Morrisey

WV Attorney General Pats Himself on the Back

West Virginia AG Patrick Morrisey vigorously patted himself on the back over a $37M settlement with pharmaceutical giant McKesson. He shouldn’t have.

Someone is Lying on the Internet

This video checks all the boxes for your garden variety tin-foil hat Q Anon tweet, including the main characteristic of a Q Anon offering: It is not real.

Police Brutality

Incentive to Kill

Police officers are already broadly protected from the consequences of snap decisions to shoot; what about those who choose not to kill?

UPDATE: WV Supreme Court Impeachment Proceedings

Word came today that an agreement has apparently been reached between the Senate presiding over the impeachment trial and two of the justices, Margaret Workman and Beth Walker. The two judges have purportedly agreed to be censured, but will keep their seats on West Virginia’s high court.