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Candidate Question Time

Let’s be sure to not forget Richard Nixon while we’re having all our political fun.


David Harsanyi: The Unmaking Of Marco Rubio – The Federalist

…of Rubio has a chance — and it’s a long shot — he’ll have to alter the perceptions about his messaging. It’s the difference between ending up as Dan Quayle or President George W. Bush. But even if he accomplishes that, it seems unlikely he can overcome his history and the country’s mood. Not in 2016.


Noah Rothman: Time to Panic – Commentary

Donald Trump is back in the pole position. His commanding performance across almost all demographics and voting blocs in New Hampshire is staggering. Worse, Hillary Clinton’s disastrous performance among both swing and core Democratic...


New Hampshire Love Fest Open Thread/Tweetathon

Place your bets. Curse your fates. State your true druthers. Make new fearless predictions. Pretend you knew all along how things’d turn out. Vape ’em if you got ’em.


David Brooks: I Miss Barack Obama – The New York Times

People are motivated to make wise choices more by hope and opportunity than by fear, cynicism, hatred and despair. Unlike many current candidates, Obama has not appealed to those passions. No, Obama has not...


Bill Curry: It’s almost over for Hillary  –

In Thursday’s MSNBC debate Rachel Maddow, having raised the specters of George McGovern and Barry Goldwater, briefly acknowledged Sanders’ general election lead (“I know you have good head to head polling numbers… right now”)...


Live Tweet or Die #2: The Most Important AND Bloodiest Debate Ever!

“Every candidate has an interest in attacking at least one opponent. Top tier candidates need a strong showing in the state, while lower-tier candidates have their very survival at stake. There is no longer cause for anybody to hold their fire.”

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