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Shepherds, Sheeple, and Kool-aid

No doubt almost every single person who has interested themselves even slightly in politics has heard the terms ‘sheeple’ or ‘kool-aid’ thrown around. And among this hurricane of insults and ‘last words’ that we call politics I’ve always wondered, somewhat disinterestedly, why isn’t it spelled ‘sheople’?


It Ain’t Theft If It’s Legal

The party doesn’t owe the plurality leader diddly squat. It is known what he has to do. He has to actually do it.


How Big Is the Big Tent?

For those that no longer feel at home in the GOP, is there a tent big enough for them on the Left?


Ohio: The Fulcrum

Imagine a world where the leadership of the free world rests in the hands of one man from Ohio.

A man named… Rob Portman.


A Desperate Plea for a Renewal of Citizenship

Because of neglect of the role of the broader role of citizenship, Americans can blame themselves for the unenlightened bitterness and abject stagnation of politics. We can do better, but it will require a renewed interest in achieving common things instead of individual victories. It will require taking our job as participants in a democracy more seriously.


Transgender Spirit

Transgenderism is not some new crazy phenomenon coming out of the modern demented, decadent, relativistic West mind. Let’s look at how other cultures view this.


Alcohol, Politics, and Washington

A former denizen of our nation’s capital reflects upon an essential ingredient in the stew that is our politics: delicious, plentiful booze.