Category: Politics


Stop Feeding Milo Yiannapolous

Milo’s claim that he is a defender of free speech is undeserved and college Republicans need to stop supporting it.


So Long, President Obama

It is hard to decouple Obama’s presidency from my personal life, but as he spends his last day in office, I can’t help but wish he stayed longer.


Bad Moon Rising

“November 8, 2016, 4pm. My boss swings by my desk. She’s smiling, putting her coat on, talking of champagne with neighbors. She leaves, I check Facebook. Lots of selfies. One from Liv- white pantsuit, red ‘I voted’ sticker, red lipstick to match. It’s all planned. I close it. I flash back to 2004, downtown Hilton, DNC headquarters. A young democrat plays a hopeful melody on the lobby piano while we all get drunk in the ballroom bracing for victory, which never comes.”


Louisiana Vexilology

Acadiana has a better flag than Louisiana does. (So does New Orleans.)


Breaking the Cycle

We’ll never go forward, when we keep fighting the same battles.


The Electoral College Option

Hillary Clinton is not going to be president. Democratic electors need to accept this if they believe that extraordinary measures within the Electoral College are justified.