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R Vegas Debate(s) Live-Love-Hate Feed and Open Thread

Those without Twitter accounts, probably watching if at all on semi-functional console TVs adapted for digital over-the-air, inherited from your grandparents, are welcome to participate in the open thread.


Trump is Bad for Children

On one level, I’ve already grown accustomed to Donald Trump saying things that threatened the safety and health of my patients. I just never expected it to get this bad.


Food for Thought

It was the worst of times, it was the worst of times.


Only the Right Believes in Class Conflict Anymore

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren may still keep alive the embers of Old Left workerism, and the latter is still barely detectable in traditional Democratic Party rhetoric and residual connections to organized labor, but in American politics today class conflict as the engine of history seems now to be a concept mainly of the Right.


Just Not Fringe Enough

The “libertarian moment” appears to be ending ironically – with some libertarians endorsing the closest thing to a fascist American politics has had for some time.


Ordinary People

“There is more than enough for ‘ordinary people’ (and we’re all ordinary people) to do…”


Neither Here Nor There

If you want to smoke at home, be rich enough to own your own home. Well, until we ban it there, too, out of a sense of fairness.


Be Bigger than Them

In which the aftermath of the Paris attacks illustrate how incapable we can be of recognizing who our enemies truly are.