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G20 0

G20, G21, Whatever It Takes

The G20 gathering of world leaders included American President Joe Biden, but it was the absence of two major world players and lack of concrete progress that left many unimpressed.

Photo 2

All The Feelz: Photo Of The Year Winner

A photo of a man who lost a leg in a bombing holding his son who was born without legs has won the Siena International Photo Awards top prize.

The UN 22

The UN: What’s the Bloody Point?

The UN has become a bunch of nations argue themselves into pretzel knots to avoid confronting the clearly evil bastards among them.

Peace 62

A Just War or An Unjust Peace

So, the forever war is now over. But is the forever war done with us? We got out of Afghanistan. We got our peace. But was it a just peace?

Biden's Remarks on Afghanistan 3

President Biden’s Remarks on Afghanistan

With the ongoing evacuation effort in Kabul, and increasing criticism he has been far too silent, here are President Biden’s Remarks on Afghanistan

Netanyahu 6

Netanyahu Out as Israel’s Prime Minister

Benjamin Netanyahu had been Israel’s Prime Minister for 15 years, continuously since 2009, until today. Naftali Bennet’s coalition took power by one vote in the Knesset.