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Xi Jinping 33

Whistling Past the Graveyard

The Biden Administration is getting played by Xi Jinping and flirting with national disaster in its geopolitical handling of China.

Iranian protests 41

Iranian Protests: Third Time’s the Charm?

Will Iranian protests end in the same way, with the regime still empowered after crushing a nascent democratic movement? Or will this time be different?

war 35

War and the Speed of History

More than likely, the experience of war will supercharge trends and movements that had already been operating at a glacial pace

War in Ukraine 71

War in Ukraine: Updates, Open Thread

Keeping up with the news, developments, and discussion around the war in Ukraine and the world’s response to Vladimir Putin’s war of aggression.

Cold War 7

Hello, Cold War II!

As bombs started raining down on Kyiv, Kharkiv, and Odessa in Ukraine, the final nail was hammered into the post-Cold War’s coffin


G20, G21, Whatever It Takes

The G20 gathering of world leaders included American President Joe Biden, but it was the absence of two major world players and lack of concrete progress that left many unimpressed.


All The Feelz: Photo Of The Year Winner

A photo of a man who lost a leg in a bombing holding his son who was born without legs has won the Siena International Photo Awards top prize.

The UN

The UN: What’s the Bloody Point?

The UN has become a bunch of nations argue themselves into pretzel knots to avoid confronting the clearly evil bastards among them.