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Batman vs Superman, Seriously

So if “doing what works” is a working definition of fascism, and an affinity for “doing what works” makes Batman fascist, and Superman
fascist, what does that mean for us poor old everyday humans


Why Eradication Always Fails

Only then can we have all the great ideological battles we have been wanting to fight but cannot – trapped as we are, swinging at the empty air in our own little bubbles.


We All Need Philosophy

What we need as a society is more philosophy, more ethics, and better morality.

charm 9

Charm, Charming, and Charmed

The term “Charm” isn’t used all that much anymore, and to be honest the last time I heard it used in day to day conversation was to sound purposefully formal in describing someone. So maybe there is something to the notion it has fallen out of favor.



Celebrating Purim


Pitchfork Republic

Mob Violence, Heckler’s Veto, and the Consent of the Governed


Close-Minded Credulity

Knowledge, belief, credulity, close-mindedness, etc.: What to do, what to do… Perhaps nothing.