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middlebrow 41

In Defense of the Middlebrow

Why does the middlebrow matter? Who cares what a Jane or John Doe has to say about the Great Books or politics? The answer is obvious…

conservatives 164

Letter to a Young Conservative

“You recently asked me what it is conservatives conserve and more importantly – what it is conservatives have to offer people like you.”

Birding 5

Birding: Among the Birds of the Mitten

That auditory component, hearing along with seeing, is a big part of why birding is a thing while, say, insecting isn’t.

Lent 27


this is when we listen to a lovely rendition of Ave Maria and, in recent years, discuss what we’re giving up for Lent.

writing 40

On Writing of Wrongs

We should understand that because of the technology of the day, we may well be the most recorded and documented generation in history.

dystopian leftist culture 167

An Example Of Dystopian Leftist Culture

One woman’s dystopia is another’s paradise, but if *I* were to describe a dystopian leftist culture, I’d describe something like this…

Social Constructionism 21

Social Constructionism For Conservatives

To say that something is socially constructed means, at least, that our social practices play a role in determining the content of some of our concepts


Hit the Road, Joad

There are no jobs, certainly enough jobs that exist in the kind of numbers that it would take to employ a mass exodus of Joads like me.

Money, Power, or Influence

The things people desire can generally be broken down into three categories: Money, power, and influence


Murder Gandhi Takes the Trolley

The truth of humanity is that none of us, not even Gandhi, are capable of valuing all human life the same.

Noam Chomsky

The Eleventh Decade of Noam Chomsky

“Is Chomsky a tankie? The answer is unambiguously no. There is a more interesting question however: “What is Chomsky’s role in 2020?”