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On the Cusp of Wisdom

I’ll soon be among the rod and creel magi interjecting into other people’s conversations, with my far-off view, insights that begin with “Y’know, sometimes…”

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The Bridge To Reality

We are responding to reality personally. This is unhealthy and dangerous, as demonstrated by many a Florida Man.

wisdom 1

Thoughts On Wisdom

To earn wisdom, you have to have an acquaintance with foolishness, You have to have harbored some regret, some embarrassment, some envy, lust and rage.

With Crisis Comes Clarity 4

With Crisis Comes Clarity

What matters more, what should matter less, and what we spend our time, attention, money and bandwidth on changes. With Crisis Comes Clarity.

Lent 4


This is when we listen to a lovely rendition of Ave Maria and, in recent years, discuss what we’re giving up for Lent.

Theodicy 8

Obsolete Philosophy: The Senior Thesis on Theodicy

I’m mostly struck by the whole “I read a book. Then I read another book. Then I read another book. Then I read another book” thing that it’s got going on. Would I write this paper differently today?

Truth 187

Make Truth Self-Evident Again

It’s time to teach our children how to face reality, and that truth is still objective, whether you like it or not


How Do You Define Intelligence?

A recurring subject is the nature of intelligence. What makes a person smart? These are people that consider and argue.


Eudoxos & Tapeinōtos: A Fable

A fable by Bryan O’Nolan: “You have lived in a land of wonder. I have had every error, every fault, written indelibly upon my name.”


In Defense of the Middlebrow

Why does the middlebrow matter? Who cares what a Jane or John Doe has to say about the Great Books or politics? The answer is obvious…