Where the people are so deep you're drowning


I’ll see you in hell, Pachelbel.


I survived the Steam Summer Sale 2014. Barely.

The Cooler

Burt Likko’s summer cocktail offering. Got one of your own?


Except we’re not almost there, we ARE there. Yay, long weekend! Do you have one too?

On the Aftermath of Hobby Lobby

Just a few days out from their SCOTUS victory, movement conservatives have already found a way to turn their potential triumph into a political train wreck. Tod Kelly explains.

Do they speak English in What?

Would an English language fluency requirement for a job constitute discrimination? The EEOC has very recently sued Wisconsin Plastics, Inc. of violating Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibits discrimination...

On the Front Lines of the War on Coal

It’s been a tough year for coal, says guest writer Michael Cain. A look at the effects of politics and dual SCOTUS decisions on the nation’s oft-maligned source of energy.

Catcalling and other indignities

Yesterday I decided to walk home from work because I had some errands to do along the way. On the walk, there was a very attractive young woman who ended up getting a lot...


They’re gonna crucify me.

Round of 16 Ends

No spoilers here. But in the post, yeah. Spoilers.

Employer Power?

That cashier may not be as powerless as you think.

The Reason Why AT&T Sucks is Important

The wireless behemoth serves as a great illustration of how the social benefits we attribute to our “free market system” evaporate once corporations reaches a certain size. by Tod Kelly