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John Yoo: Making sure he remains a parody of himself.

From Jack Goldsmith at lawfare, we have a link to a remarkable op-ed by John Yoo which argues that the problem with the White House white paper recently released on targeted killings suffers from...


Dr. Seuss and Genius and Field Dominance

I read a lot of children’s literature these days (b/c this), which means that I’ve long been mulling over this precise sentiment: As any parent will attest, Dr Seuss was not only the greatest...


Signs That The Lunatics Are All Around Us

Blogging HT to Gawker. Christopher Jordan Dorner, the 33-year-old ex-LAPD officer who allegedly killed a young Los Angeles couple on Sunday in revenge for his termination from the force, is only getting started, according...


When the letters are meaningless

Let’s just dispense with something right away, shall we?  Dr. Mehmet Oz is a far more accomplished physician than I will ever be.  From the recent profile of “America’s doctor” in The New Yorker:...


Add Me as a Co-signer

In the Washington Post, Alexandra Petri pleads with Barnes & Noble not to marginalize itself, with more effectiveness and less of the accidental elitism of a former Classics major than I could muster.  (h/t Rod Dreher)


League-fest 2013 Headcount!

It is clear that there is abundant interest to support going forward with League-fest 2013 in Chicago on June 7-9 this year.  As a result, it is about time for me to block some...



A piece of advice from a 1918 children’s wear trade journal:


Eric Cantor’s Self-Serving Nonsense

So Cantor gave his aforementioned big speech yesterday, the one about turning the GOP into an expansively inclusive party of multiple ethnicities and income brackets, and MSNBC was there to tell the tale. Their description is curious, however,...


No Denying Global Warming Anymore

If only because these two bags of hot air interacting with one another is sure to raise the temperature by a few degrees.  Is it possible for both of them to lose?  Pretty please?


Nationalist Indoctrination: China’s Double-Edged Sword.

Most of the time despite my Sinoskepticism I’m sanguine about the Middle Kingdom’s rise. I’m thrilled that hundreds of millions of Chinese are now living substantially better lives. The worst of Mao’s excesses lie...


Is Constitutional Obedience Damaging America?

That is the question raised in the latest Econtalk podcast, wherein Russ Roberts interviews Constitutional law professor Louis Michael Siedman. Siedman argues that one of the central principles of US government, that the Constitution is the supreme law of...


The Jon Huntsman Syndrome (An Insiders Look at the GOP)

Liz Mair is a political consultant that has worked for various Republican campaigns such as John McCain’s 2008 presidential run. She also a great blogger and I wished she blogged more. Her latest post is about what’s wrong with the GOP.


Eric Cantor’s Plan to Save the GOP

Ron Fournier of National Journal is following Eric Cantor around as the House Majority Leader terrifies DC’s infants (“Eric Cantor grabs a plastic dinosaur from the pile of toys in front of 1-year-old Mekhi Scott, taps...


In other Texas education news…

…the strict constructionists of the state legislature have been found to be violating the constitution’s education provision.

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