The content of our discontent

Poor People Enter Around Back

Recently, advocates for the poor have been up and arms about so called “poor doors” in New York City: A plan for a luxury skyscraper with a so-called “poor door” is changing to extend...

Constitutional Crisis: Week 2

James Hanley reports on the first official meeting of the post-zombie constitutional convention. The delegates immediately began problem solving.

Culture and Entertainment

So in the first few scenes of Luther (available on Netflix), we see a police detective let a killer of children fall to his death (when he could have chosen to reach out and...

What Do You Call It?

Much has been made – in conservative circles, at least – on the administration’s labeling of Nidal Hasan’s assault on Ford Hood as “workplace violence” when there is increasing evidence that it wasn’t.


If you’ve been wondering whatever happened to Jackie Chan movies, I’ve found them in Bollywood. (Chennai Express reviewed!)


Outside of… particular circles… I haven’t seen terribly much attention directed at the remarkable and horrifying revelations in Britain. Some 1,400 young girls over the last fifteen years were sexually abused, and little was...