Chicken Soup For The Argumentative


Damning Testimony at the Bounty Hearing

The sea doesn’t care what you meant to do. It doesn’t ask what the reason was, let alone whether your reason rises to the level of an excuse. The sea doesn’t judge. The sea...



The always-excellent Janet Stemwedel (aka Dr. Free-Ride) dissects a case of professional ethics failure.  A snippet:


Ineffectual Scolding To Follow

Let’s say you live in a remote rural settlement, far away from any outside help. There is no organized police force, although there are some respected folks about town who occasionally contact each other...


I don’t know if Jesus wept…

…but I sure wanted to after reading about Barbara Cargill’s confirmation hearing to chair the Texas State Board of Education. When Cargill (a brief primer) appears to be flummoxed by the utter inanity of...


A House is a Grave: Sahel situation analysis.

A man lives in his wife’s tent: a house is a grave. -Tuareg proverb Précis: as the first phase of the Mali conflict winds down, we see a partial recapitulation of other guerrilla wars...


Ben Smith Doesn’t Understand How Insurance Works

In a post over at BuzzFeed that makes me want to pound my head against my desk, Ben Smith proves that highly visible political pundits can write regularly about health insurance from 2009-2013 and...


Benedict and Malachy

“The trouble with having an open mind, of course, is that people will insist on coming along and trying to put things in it.” — Terry Pratchett So, Pope Benedict XVI is resigning, which...


A Tough Call for Dragon*Con

~by M.A. Over the last week, I’ve had to ponder a very difficult question. A few years ago, I started to attend a rather remarkable yearly event called Dragon*Con. It’s a wonderful event held...


Monday Morning Jukebox: On The Grammys and Timbaland

The Grammys happened. No sense discussing it though, given that they almost certainly rewarded the wrong people. It’s what the Grammys is famous for. Here, in fact, is a just-the-tip-of-the-iceberg discussion of horrendous decisions...


The Pail King

Today was a glorious day, full of work and play. And a little guilt. Alice, Boegiboe, and I ate French toast for breakfast. We played with Play-Doh together. We watched Coraline. I went grocery...


Saturday Morning Drone Mini-Post.

To go with your morning coffee, black pudding, eggs, bacon and sausage. (Plus copy of Financial Times, and your TV set to the premiership matchups for the day).


At the Bowling Alley

Last night I went on my semi-annual bowling excursion with my guy’s night group. I rolled a couple of decent games, which wasn’t bad considering I haven’t played in months. The scores were unimportant though...


The Great Blizzard of ’13

Hey, Northeastern US and eastern Canadian Gentlemen and Gentlewomen! How’s that awfully amazing blizzard working out for you? Everyone staying safe and warm I hope?


Reasonable Rights

by Mad Rocket Scientist Rights. A lot of ink, both physical & digital, has been spilled discussing the nature of Rights.  Are they natural, inherent, divine, granted, or won?  Are they positive or negative? ...


Teaching Social Norms, Part 2

This is the second in a series of posts where I will explore the interesting phenomenon that is teaching social norms.  As an early childhood educator, I am tasked with far more than teaching...

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