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Moving On

This is just a short note to the Ordinary Times community: I’ve started a new blog called Clown Town. It will be my main nonprofessional outlet from now on. Again and again, I’ve found...

The Market Basket open thread…

In my last mini-post, Saul Degraw mentioned a company called Market Basket, a New England-based grocery store chain that easily falls under the definition of good corporate citizen.  Historically, the company has been able...

The Epistemology of the Question Universe

Asking a question creates a parallel universe in which certain facts cannot be questioned. That might not be a good lesson to bring back to our world.


I’ll admit it. I have no plans to see Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


You turn me on, you’re a radio.


Ken White, discussing Aaron Swartz, writes the following.
“Aaron Swartz suffered.”


Sometimes, you need a game for when you have very, very, very, very little brain.

Series! (1950s)

Yankee haters might want to skip this one.

A Libertarian Argument for the Basic Income Guarantee

Jason Kuznicki forgot to remind us, but he’s doing his usual bang-up job at Cato Unbound, the latest issue of which features Matt Zwolinski making a pragmatic libertarian case for the basic income guarantee...


Chilling with our cousins on a hot Friday evening.

James Brady passes, death is ruled a homicide.

Given that the shot that killed Brady was fired in 1981, I have all sorts of questions for the various lawyers in the house. I suppose the simplest is “what the heck?” but I’ll...

That’s The Rub

Is there a better summertime barbeque than pork back ribs? Learn how to make pork back ribs the Burt Likko way. Or use the comments to explain why your ribs are superior.

Linky Friday #78

Trumwill is back! This week: Labor, Class, Immigration, America, and the World!


Holy cow! Is tomorrow Friday already?

Indeed it is.

How To Restrain A 17-Year-Old Client

How To Restrain a 17-Year-Old Client Two staffers will approach the child in crisis having established that he poses a threat either to himself or to somebody else. Between them, they will have indicated...