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A Self-Contradictory Argument on Global Inequality

Rising inequality in the United States is a real problem, but that doesn’t mean we should find ways to disregard the reduction of global inequality nor that we should treat all increases in inequality in other countries as first order problems.

Do Not Honor Mom and Pop

“We conclude that the growth in modern retail, characterized by modern chains of midern establishments with more levels of hierarchy, is raising wage rates relative to traditional mom-and-pop retail stores.”

Three Cheers for Command and Control

A couple in Glendora, CA face a $500 fine for saving water by not watering their lawn. Simultaneously, the state wants to fine people who water their lawns. That is, folks can receive a...


Some people call me Maurice.


True Detective has been watched. Spoiler-free review: it’s not bad. Warning, major spoilers in the post itself.


The ability to make your own decks! Finally! (Pity that the bells and whistles get in the way…)

Android Apporama: GPS & Navigation

Will Truman risked life and limb using all sorts of GPS and Navigation apps so that he could report them to you. Kicking off a series of posts on Android apps, this week looks at nine different navigation apps and reports the results.

Latin Bleg

Can someone who knows Latin give me a hand?

Linky Friday #76

Links! Click on them and go places! This week: Space, History, Body, Mind, Entertainment, Asia, Housing, and Culture!

More on Moderate Republicans

There are plenty of reform-minded conservatives out there. Finding their voice is the hard part.


One of the big plans is the spoiler-laden True Detective post for Sunday. Be there or be a rhombus.