The content of our discontent


Secession! Independence! Statehood! An open-ish thread on related subjects.

Good Intentions, Bad Law?

This fall, Washington state voters will decide on two ballot initiatives that look to curb gun violence. But even if they pass, argues Mad Rocket Scientist, they probably won’t succeed.

Sanford’s Scandal

Compared to many fictional leaders, our real life political leaders are fantastic. We do not want real life leaders like fictional ones.

I’m Now at Patheos

A cross-country move, a major career change, and a baby on the way–my life has been busy. And I’m also now blogging at Patheos.

Fashion: Aesthetics and Ethics

Saul Degraw explores the ins and outs of the ethics of fashion based on the latest controversy over Urban Outfitter’s and their Kent State sweatshirt

Constitutional Crisis: Week 3

This week the convention discovered its first error in the procedures. They realized that asking the chair to also be the scribe (secretary) was asking too much, so they split those tasks, as I...


Season 3, Episode 1: “Matters of Honor”, Pat Does the Recap

Tyranny of the Majority

Dennis Sanders shares an episode of This American Life that everyone interested in education should listen to. This is the story of East Ramapo in New York State.

You Have To Make Them Bleed

Getting hired to work with children is easy. All that’s really required is responding to the barely worded classified advertisements in the back of newspapers. Social services agencies are often so desperate for anybody...

Penn’s Tim

Tim’s Vermeer is more memorable for its of an amazing contemporary man than for the unraveling of the secrets of a 17th century painter.