Chicken Soup For The Argumentative


It’s better to live now than then.

The Thayer/Atlantic thing is still gnawing at me (fellow Leaguers may have noticed a passel of false starts in our draft cue.) My thoughts continue to be half-formed, but some side conversations have brought...


Is it wrong the first thing I noticed was…

…that this dude formed the “White Student Union” at Towson University? Between the coach/baseball program firing and this whack job, one wonders if there’s something in the water.


More Salt for Mark Thompson’s Wounds

Hey, remember how CPAC snubbed Chris Christie, based on the logic that having someone who had asked for disaster relief might send a message that post-election movement conservatism was a joke?  


Friday Jukebox: Drinking with Jesus

My husband, The Russian, spent the first 28 years of his life in the former Leningrad, whereas I came of age mostly in Southern California. As you might imagine, this divergence makes for some...


The Sun Will Rise Again…

“We’ve become wealthy and comfortable. Recalling our defeat, I paid homage and prayed for the people who sacrificed their lives for this country.” The quote above is familiar. We hear its echo when the...


Rue The Ides

On March 15, 33 44 BCE, Gaius Julius Caesar was assassinated. The empire of the Roman Republic had decapitated itself and a lengthy historical metamorphosis now called the Roman Revolution moved into its endgame....


Anita Sarkeesian and the Damsel in Distress Trope

In early 1986 Nintendo released the action-adventure video game The Legend of Zelda, and when I, a geeky eight-year-old, first got my hands on a NES controller and, with the press of a few...


As it turns out, the Pope is Catholic

He’s a Jesuit, he’s an Argentinian, and he’s now a “Francis“. Haven’t had one of those before (which surprises me). Thoughts?


How Not to Fire People

Though I officially retired in October, I continue to do seminars and corporate trainings.  Because of this I still keep my eye out for real world examples of businesses and employers practically begging to...


Asians Need Not Exclusively Apply

An actress friend of Asian descent shared this casting call for a production of Disney’s Mulan on her Facebook feed.  This section drew her ire: All characters (except Mushu) are Chinese. Open to all Asian...


2-0 down? No problem.

Leo Messi and Barcelona decided they’d just go and demolish AC Milan at Camp Nou 4-0 to seal a 4-2 aggregate victory and proceed to the next leg of the Champion’s League….Messi had an...


The Seated Woman: a Tuareg poem

By request, another poem by Souéloum Diagho. A few words of explanation: Diagho’s poems contain words with doubled meanings, especially the word “cour”, which can mean courtship or enclosed space. Boegiboe helpfully observes the...


Princess Pauline Rescues Mario

Programmer Mike Mika hacked in to the code for the classic video game Donkey Kong so that his three-year-old daughter could play as Pauline instead of Mario. He writes: “She really did seem to enjoy...


The Future of Digital Comics According to SXSW 2013

At various times during the past 24 hours I’ve tried to log in to ComiXology on my tablet with no success. That was, of course, because of a recent announcement Marvel made at SXSW....


Writing for nothin’ and yer clicks for free!

The recent Thayer/Atlantic dust-up caught my eye because it touches on things that I have some personal experience with; writing for free at The Atlantic for one, but also the slings and arrows of...


Imbalance of Power

Courtesy of the the New York Times, what makes these two pictures similar?                  

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