Please scream inside your heart

Ferguson: The Background

League alum Jamelle Bouie has been committing journalism in Ferguson for the last week. His most recent piece, placing the events of the last two weeks in both a local and historical context, is...

Not Seeing the Forest for the Trees… Again.

In the wake of the shooting of Michael Brown, white America rushes to focus on the canard that the real underlying problem is police equipment, random bad apples with authority issues, and basically anyone who isn’t us.

by Tod Kelly


Season 2, Episode 22: “The Fall of Night”

The Platonic Ideal of Being Middle Class

In Professor Hanley’s post on income inequality, Gabriel Conroy vexed frustration about how the term middle class was overbroad to the point of uselessness. Our would be Dubliner wrote: ‘I’m also wary of the...


Respect the service!

On Human Nature

In my inequality post, Snarky McSnarkSnark writes, The elevation of the “economic man” over the “social man” in our political and cultural thinking has led us increasingly away for our own core nature. I...

Perfect Victims

Don’t underestimate how important it is for a victim to appear faultless.

The Police Through Their Own Eyes

Ferguson has placed in stark relief the fact that the police view themselves as an independent authority unbeholden and unanswerable to either the people or their elected representatives.

Leisure Time v. Consumerism Open Thread

This post is inspired by Hanley’s post on inequality and LWA’s comments about whether materialist desires are making all of us really unhappy. LWA wrote: “I’ve written a bit here how I do believe...


If I may veer off into some political territory, let me just say that the trailer for the movie “Let’s Be Cops” struck me as kinda tasteless way back in June when I first saw it.


Did you ever see a piano march?

Just In Case

Zic asks that we watch this video that Radley Balko links to in his post on The Watch from a couple days ago.