Clog without fear and the world is your oyster


Treme, Season 3, Episode 3, “Me Donkey Want Water”

In a nutshell, the problem is this: Treme doesn’t have much time left. It’s only getting an abbreviated fourth season which means that we can be relatively certain how much more of the show...


Is Jack Chick doing oppo research on Colleen Lachowicz?

Gaming may be mainstream, but it is evidently weird enough that Maine Republicans are attacking Colleen Lachowicz for being a World of Warcraft player. It’s entirely possible that the site itself is performance art....


Somewhere, Stephen Maturin is smiling…

‘What is Catalan?’ ‘Why, the language of Catalonia – of the islands, of the whole of the Mediterranean coast down to Alicante and beyond. Of Barcelona. Of Lerida. All the richest part of the...


Sketching a National Security State Saner Than Today

As my isolation from the chattering classes continues, I’m inclined to go into hypotheticals and counter-factuals. One such hypothetical I returned to over the past few days is the following: What would a saner...


Friday Jukebox, James Bond Edition

This is the new James Bond song, “Skyfall,” by Adele, just released to the public today at 0:07, London time: Some of my favorite other James Bond theme music follows the jump:


Proust’s Invitation to Folly

Alan Jacobs is Proustblogging, and I can’t resist.  In Search of Lost Time is about the power of anticipation at least as much as the power of memory, he writes: This is part of...


Barry Goldwater, Paul Ryan, and… Me

I’ve got an essay up this morning at The Atlantic about the ways Paul Ryan does — and doesn’t — show the enormous influence Barry Goldwater still holds over the GOP today.


I Have Outlived My Father

While I cannot find *ANY* confirmation of this on the net, I’m going to go ahead and say anyway that Warren Zevon once said that the hard part of coming up with any song...


Viewership Stats Bleg

Viewership statistics for the nation as a whole on the Presidential debates are not going to be that hard to find. But the number of people in Ohio and Florida and Virginia and Iowa and Colorado...


Something other than debates.

So I’m avoiding political blogging and really politics for the next few days for the sake of my sanity. Lehrer’s utter failure to actually engage some substantial portions of domestic policy (such as say,...


What Happened to Barack Obama?

Perhaps the most commonly asked question in the wake of last night’s debate is, What the hell was wrong with Barack Obama? Some ideas are more plausible than others. My sense is that, to...


Yeah, about Rush…

Canadian trio Rush has been nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Considering their success and longevity, this seems warranted. And that’s all I’ll say about that.