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Abolish Advanced Placement?

Burt Likko thinks that if Advanced Placement classes don’t represent actual advanced education, maybe we’re better off without them.



For people who wonder why conservatives sometimes get accused of racism, just go read the comments in this thread by Conservative Daily, a Facebook page with 5,700,000+ likes. Amazing lack of pushback on a...


Living the Dream, and other ways to ruin your life

“Yes, I know. I don’t want to go back either. But there are some nice people I promised to take out on the next trip so they can experience what we’re experiencing now, so we have to turn around. But it is breaking my heart a little, because this is perfect and I never want it to end.”



I’m sitting in the public library, where a volunteer is explaining the contents to a group of recent immigrants to Canada. “It’s not real. Fiction is not real,” she explains. Says you! I think.


Tweet of the Day

From Popehat, regarding Ferguson. And yes, this means I’ve actually been looking at Twitter.


Linky Friday #79

Links! Click on them and go places! This week: Politics, the Future, Space, the Environment, Housing, and Asia!


No Violence, Just Justice

Guilt leaves me sick. Anger leaves me nearly speechless. I cannot do Ferguson justice. Let’s hope that we, as a country, can.



Holy cow. Is tomorrow Friday already?

Indeed it is.


Supply Chain Management Questions

I’ve noticed that is very good at shipping items that are already in stock and it usually only takes them a day or two to do so. Often it takes them less time....


The End of Racism in Ferguson, MO

In the first of a series, Tod Kelly reflects on the books and movies of one of the Right’s “premier intellectuals,” and what they say about the way we view the unfolding events in Furgeson, Mo.



I’m not sure I needed this before I’d had my first cuppa.


Our Population Problem

Does the growing global population really present a threat to humanity? Mike Dwyer ponders Malthusian theory.