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The Two Libertarians

There are actually two different libertarian movements in this country, says Tod Kelly, that are unknowingly competing against one another.

And the wrong side is winning.


On Ferguson

Dennis Sanders share random throughts about Ferguson, MO and race relations.


Let Your ID Fly Freely

In which I wonder about the appeal of “Piss Off a Liberal” apparel and accessories.


Which is more depressing….?

The article itself or the comments section? This is post-racial America, where simply liking rap music is grounds to be declared “no angel” and having your murder by cops justified by angry white men.


Your Degree or Your House

Will Truman reflects on Jeff Banks’s piece on buying a home in the post-bubble era.


Revolutions Reminder!

Listening to music and drinking and chatting – it’s a good time, you know?


Demographics is destiny

Someone pointed out this cartoon to me and it makes a very interesting point: since 2012, most of the country under 5 is not white. Over the next 10 years, we’ll have more people...



Technically, having a guy show up in Act V, Scene 5 to say “the bad guy from Act I, Scene 1 who put all this in motion has changed his mind!” *IS* kinda lazy writing.



The lone and level sands stretch far away.


Hopefully the end of it.

In non-cops being horrible news. The Obama Administration announces the work-around for the Hobby Lobby ruling. So yes, they basically expanded the religious institution exemption to Hobby Lobby. This should probably have simply been...



Five Nights At Freddy’s and the true face of terror.


The Third Conversation

Tod observes that we only ever seem to have one of two different kinds of conversation about racism in America.

We need a third.