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When You Can’t Score an Autism Diagnosis

This is part of a series I’m writing on being the parent of a child with severe multiple disabilities at Blinded Trials. A couple of months ago, a mother of a child with the...


Election 2012 Wasn’t Close. Here’s Why It Matters.

Note: Here’s a post that I began some time ago and that is increasingly losing relevancy as post-election developments multiply. But it ended up being rather long and, frankly, the idea of having spent...


Ain’t Love Grand? (a Tony Comstock guest post)

I am on the Hampton Jitney, west-bound. There’s just been a little to do, a dust up if you will, at the Amaganett stop. “What happened?” you ask. Well it seems that a fellow...



I know most of you all around here find soccer unwatchable and soccer posts around here tend to result in a giant yawn from the commentariat.  But I submit that if you do not...


Thermomixed Up Strikes Back! (The Work and Dignity Edition)

S/V INTEMPERANCE, November 2009, somewhere between Montauk Point and Bermuda “You can’t throw bull with the ocean, she won’t listen.” — Harold “Dynamite” Payson, Build the New Instant Boats (Previously, Parts 1,  2,  3 , 4,  5, 6, 7 and 8) In...


The Meaning of Human Sexuality: A Philosophical Query

I don’t suppose I’ll be courting much controversy by saying that human sexuality has historical meaning. The sexual revolution would have made no sense had sex meant nothing to anyone. It was a reaction...


On “Free” Markets

by James Hanley Part II: Dedicated to all the quiet folks who read part I. I’m still astounded that despite my repeated disavowals some folks were certain that I was arguing that that modern...


Let’s Deal the Cards!

by Mike Schilling The Monty Hall Problem is a great piece of recreational mathematics, because it’s very simple to state, doesn’t require any advanced mathematical tools to analyze, and has a solution that’s both...


Disruption Junction, What’s Your Function? Part 2

From The California Public Utilities Commission: Lyft, SideCar, and Uber were cited $20,000 each for violations of state law, including operating as passenger carriers without evidence of public liability and property damage insurance coverage...


On Twitter Avatars

A recent twitter exchange with James Bennet, combined with a recent change to my twitter avatar causes me to gather up some thoughts about the way we use photographs as a part of our...


After This, More Ketchup. I Swear.

Here’s some deep in the woods philosophical stuff. It may only be of interest to libertarians, and maybe not even to them.


The Tragedy of the Commons

by M.A. The concepts of a “Free Market” and the idea of an unregulated market producing whatever gains an advocate is looking for, or advancing a policy that liberals or conservatives (depending on the...


Grand Old Podcast (Errr, Leaguecast)

At around 9pm EST, several of us will be doing a podcast tonight devoted to the election results and the ramifications of said results on the GOP going forward. The voices included will primarily...


Watch This

Joshua Slocum – Sailing Alone Around the World


Fifty Shades of Purple – Blue States Are American, Too

One thing that was not deeply discussed in last night’s Leaguecast is that this election demonstrates that the GOP is at a huge structural disadvantage in the Electoral College, as it racks up huge –...