Ordinary Times Call For Ordinary Measures


The Angleworm

Wonder what an angleworm thinks about?

Ashli Babbitt 57

Justice for Ashli Babbitt

While her death is mainly being used to distract from the horror of what went on that day, I am sympathetic to Ashli Babbitt and her family.

Yahtzee 4

Saturday Morning Gaming: Yahtzee

Yesterday, I taught a friend Yahtzee. He moved from “what’s the big deal?” to “oh no” somewhere around “three of a kind”.


The Photo Shoot

It happens in the best regulated families.

star wars 12

Video Throughput: The Science of Star Wars

Any fool can point out the thing Star Wars gets wrong about science. But what did it get right? You’d be surprised how visionary George Lucas was.

anxiety 55

Anxiety and Hardships

People have always had anxiety about public speaking, you know how they got through it? They practiced until they got used to it.

theaters 2

The Month in Theaters May 2022

Beyond theaters, I watched an additional sixteen movies, with one repeat showing from the theater six, for a total of twenty-one reviews.


Out of Order

It was his favorite trough…

racism 54

Racism Under The Banner of Science

The search for genetic correlations to racism, in my view, is little different in spirit than the skull measurements of phrenologists from days past.