The world longs for Times more Ordinary


Button Shoes

When a feller needs a friend.


When People Become Stateless

State residency is a debatable and fluid concept for people like you and every state you visit will eye you for potential revenue.

Game of Thrones 34

Game of Thrones: Murder Your Darlings

George RR Martin kills off his characters right. Those deaths mattered. The TV version of Game of Thrones? Not so much…

crying suns 21

Saturday Morning Gaming: Crying Suns

“Free” is a tough thing to argue against so I picked Crying Suns up as part of the Epic Store’s Free Giveaway Thingy that they do every week.

Diamond of Milan 6

The Diamond of Milan

Original Fiction: “Ah, so this particular treasure-this one is different,” the intruder guessed. “This one actually means something to you, doesn’t it?”

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