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Sunday Morning! “They” by Kay Dick

This recently-rediscovered novella is a chilling anomaly in dystopian fiction: here the censorious “they” feel no need to explain, justify, or announce themselves. We know them only by their hatreds.


West Virginia, Mountain Mama

So much is happening right now that it’s hard to pay attention to any one particular thing, particularly my implausible escapades.

To the Place I Belong

By this point, I am afraid that the absurdity of all this had become too much to bear.

Country Roads, Take Me Home

If you choose to rely upon Google, Verizon, and/or Samsung products as an aid to road navigation, do yourself a favor and verify the route using traditional methods.

Dystopia Revisted

It’s back. For a limited time and very limited quantities.

Viva la Resistance!

Because every evil dystopia has its band of ragtag resistance fighters with that one in a million chance of toppling an empire.

This Cannot Be

Dear Presidential Committee:

On behalf of the nineteen Core Competencies as developed by the Consensus Statement on Presidential Attributes Sub-Committee on Selection Criteria Summit of 2048, we respectfully submit this Letter of Evaluation.


Nameless, faceless… just less.

February 20, 2088

A letter home, after the failure of a twenty-first century theocracy.

Power Lines

Electricity doesn’t come from the wall socket.

Dystopia Week

Welcome to Dystopia Week. Let’s begin by taking a moment to understand why we write this way in the first place.