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pizza 3

Eating Pizza Outside In The Snow

Symposium: We ate the pizza with “Ooohs!” and “Aaaahs!” as we took bites that burned our mouth, all while snow hit us in the face, blowing sideways.


Dystopia Revisted

It’s back. For a limited time and very limited quantities.


Viva la Resistance!

Because every evil dystopia has its band of ragtag resistance fighters with that one in a million chance of toppling an empire.


This Cannot Be

Dear Presidential Committee:

On behalf of the nineteen Core Competencies as developed by the Consensus Statement on Presidential Attributes Sub-Committee on Selection Criteria Summit of 2048, we respectfully submit this Letter of Evaluation.



Nameless, faceless… just less.


February 20, 2088

A letter home, after the failure of a twenty-first century theocracy.


Power Lines

Electricity doesn’t come from the wall socket.


Dystopia Week

Welcome to Dystopia Week. Let’s begin by taking a moment to understand why we write this way in the first place.