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We Are All Journalists Now

We are all journalists now. This is how we take back power from our bloated bureaucracies — one video at a time.

Tucker Carlson 60

Is Tucker Carlson The Next Trump?

The idea that Tucker Carlson could win the fanatical devotion that characterizes many Trump supporters is ludicrous

respect 9

Respect My Authority!!!

Respect for (false) authority is a common logical fallacy that everyone who needs someone to trust them for something has to deal with.

Awareness 2

Far Beyond Awareness: Autism and Acceptance

Awareness and acceptance: An avalanche of well-meaning words, both from those who take our side, and those who work at cross purposes to our very existence while claiming allegiance.

Pepe le Pew 69

Pepe Le Pew Is Not A Role Model

But at least Pepe Le Pew lays the issue of rape culture where it belongs, at the feet of men, rather than telling women it’s THEIR fault