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Blame Canada 123

Social Safety Nets and Tribalism

It remains for Canadians to decide what Canadians can afford, but it does somewhat beggar belief that the Canadian system of single-payer healthcare will sink or swim on this particular margin.


The Big Case Drops Early

No Scalia? No problem! When all eight of the surviving SCOTUS Justices agree on the result, we’re sure to get a nice, clear, definite rule of law… right?


Predicting Judicial Greatness in A Theoretical Justice Barack Obama

Were a hypothetical President Hillary Clinton to nominate him to the Supreme Court, would Barack Obama’s service as President be reason to foresee that he’d become one of the great Justices on the Supreme Court? What about his lack of prior judicial experience or his lack of scholarly publications?


Justice Scalia, RIP

Justice Scalia, RIP. That he would ditch Stare Decisis would make the American System look more European. Yet, Scalia didn’t think “Americans should be governed the way that Europeans are.” That’s a conundrum.


Colorado’s Single-Payer Ballot Initiative

Colorado will have state single-payer health insurance on the ballot this November. After reading through the initiative, my conclusion is that this is an experiment that no state can undertake…


Marquee Case On The Docket: Evenwel v. Abbott

One case to rule them all, One Court to mind them,
One rule to govern the States and in its holdings bind them,
In the Land of Washington where the Justices decide.