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Granting Immunity From Prosecution

So, you want immunity from prosecution, do you? Here’s a helpful guide to how to get it, if you’re, say, a former National Security Advisor.


To Technicolor and Beyond

The completion of my copyright trilogy, on whether to and how to address piracy.


United States Court of Appeals For The Fourth Circuit

In this one statute, the North Carolina legislature imposed a number of voting restrictions. The law required in-person voters to show certain photo IDs, beginning in 2016, which African Americans disproportionately lacked, and eliminated or reduced registration and voting access tools that African Americans disproportionately used. Id. at *9-10, *37, *123, *127, *131. Moreover, as the district court found, prior to enactment of SL 2013-381, the legislature requested and received racial data as to usage of the practices changed by the proposed law.


Herbalife Revisited

In light of the recent FTC settlement involving Herbalife, Dave has a few things to say about it.


More on the War on Coal

Back in June, the Supreme Court quietly took another step in their ongoing “war on coal”.


Choosing A Side

In which Burt Likko navigates a moral and legal dilemma.