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Maria Butina 5

Biden to Nominate Merrick Garland for AG

DC Federal Appeals Court Judge and former Obama Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland is reportedly Joe Biden’s pick for attorney general

Donald and Dragons 43

Paging Dr. Kübler-Ross

Burt Likko compares the bizarre subversion-of-democracy fantasies of Trump supporters with the actual law, and is unimpressed.

Pie 19

Wednesday Writs Pie Edition

For this Thanksgiving edition of Wednesday Writs, I bring you a sordid tale of ruthless corporate greed, and espionage, and pie. Yes, pie.

Rudy Guiliani 11

Rudy’s Got A Case…Of the Monday’s

The return of Rudy Giuliani to the courtroom for the first time since the Bush administration-the George HW Bush administration-did not go well

lawers 15

Wednesday Writs: Mailed-In Edition

I have read through the 100ish page complaint by the Trump administration against Pennsylvania, and I’ll tell you what I saw:

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