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Tech Tuesday 8/14/18

I’ve got a recycling post I’m working on, but finding time to do it justice is an issue. Until then, here are some recent links.

Tuesday S&T

Like Techday, but shorter and not as good.

Tech Tuesday, Bacteria Still Rule Edition (12/5/17)

So I recently discovered Steven Universe. I fully recommend it (it’s on Cartoon Network and Hulu). Some people on Tumblr, etc. get a little too into it, but it is quite smart. Don’t let the animation style make you think it isn’t.

Tech Tuesday 11/21

Have a Happy Thanksgiving for those in the US (or not in the US, but who celebrate it anyway). We are reprising our plan from last year, which is to meet up with some friends at the local Brazilian Steakhouse. My Portuguese is a little rusty, but I’m pretty sure the name of the place translates to “Meat Coma”.

Tech Tuesday – Firsts and Anniversaries Edition

The First – Yesterday was Bug’s first day of Kindergarten.
The Anniversary was Saturday, 22 years of marriage. My secret to a happy marriage? I argue with you people instead of my wife. 😉

Tech Tuesday – Finland Edition (08/01/17)

Why Finland? Because I got a lot of respect for Finland. Lots of the feel-good social democracy stuff of their neighbors, but still have a tradition of not taking crap from the communists next door. And everyone goes about with a puukko. I catch flak from people who freak out I carry a folding pocket knife everywhere I go.