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code 19

Tech Tuesday: Auto Code

Tech Tuesday’ normally about exciting new things that work. Today’s is about an exciting situation where new things likely to fail: code.

vegan spider silk 15

Tech Tuesday: Vegan Spider Silk

Vegan Spider Silk isn’t the latest character from the Spiderverse, reeking of patchouli & full of self righteousness about your eating habits

Recycling 13

Tech Tuesday: Re-Thinking Recycling

So aside from metals (and organic stuff that can be composted), it doesn’t appear that we have a lot of recycling we can actually do


Tech Tuesday – Puppy Power Edition

Got to see the dam at The Dalles, in OR, which is a massive concrete structure on the Columbia with 22 turbines, a fish ladder, and a shipping lock.


Tech Tuesday – Spooky Action Edition

To be honest, this is the first I’ve heard of Octonions, and when I first read the title, I wasn’t entirely certain they weren’t talking about a layered root vegetable.


Tech Tuesday 06/11/19 – Back in WA Edition

It is so good to be back in WA, where the sun does not assault your skin! TT01 – We should do this with every major bridge.  Not just the installation of sensors, but...


Tech Tuesday 05/14/19 – Back From Vacation Edition.

Ordinary Times’s weekely science and tech feature with links to stories on water, thrust vectoring, plastics that actually recycle, NASA fraud, and evolution has it’s unintelligent moments.


The Why of the 737 Max

In short, this is on both Boeing and the FAA, and both should get taken out to the woodshed over it, both criminally and civilly


Tech Tuesday

This is why I love science. As much as I love the new tech, and interesting designs, and fun bits of analysis, in the end, it’s the potential of that bleeding edge to upend everything we think we know.