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Trump Impeachment Team In Limbo

With the start of the Second Impeachment of former President Trump only days away, the Trump defense team is still not settled.

Donald Trump Impeachment

Impeachment: A Briar Patch With No Rabbits

It is very hard to see any positives for the country, for congress, for the president, or for either party coming out of this impeachment


Impeach Him, Tonight

A rule that allows presidents to do whatever they want as long as they don’t have very much time remaining in office is a bad one with many easily foreseeable downsides.


The Last Day: Impeachment Endgame

Sometime this afternoon, the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump is going to come to an end.


The Impeachment End Game

Whether you agree with Alexander or not, he is pointing the Republicans to an exit ramp from this entire debacle. At least, in a semi-rational world. But we don’t live in that world. We don’t live in that world because of one person: Donald J. Trump.