Category: History


A One Party Nation

The Democratic Party is collapsing, and has been collapsing for a decade. Having the Presidency just hid all the rot happening elsewhere. Now we face the prospect of one party rule in a way we have not seen before, led by a type of President we have not seen before.


The Terry Larkin Story

A tale of substance abuse, domestic violence, and baseball, plus a free bonus axe murder if you call now! And a mystery.


Two Hamiltons For A Tubman

Maybe it wasn’t the biggest surprise to come out of the Treasury Department since FDR approved 3.2% beer during Prohibition, but Burt Likko welcomes today’s news about the government’s decision to shift the granting of high honors from one historical figure to another anyway.



I’m Charles, this this my brother Louis, and this is my other brother Louis.


Transgender Spirit

Transgenderism is not some new crazy phenomenon coming out of the modern demented, decadent, relativistic West mind. Let’s look at how other cultures view this.


Marcion and Arius: American Political Theology’s Roots

How does Marcion, an early church father, who like Arius was one of the earliest notable heretics, relate to the Christian-Deism that arose in England and America during the Enlightenment period of the American Founding. That’s what I am trying to figure out here.