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Thanksgiving 6

Thankful Just to Be Here

There’s nothing like a near death experience to fix your attitude on life! This year, I have SO MUCH to be grateful for.

neurodiversity 15

Neurodiversity and the Dignity of Work

Our meritocratic society believes that people with neurological disabilities are worthless weeds. Nonsense. We are flowers that can be beautiful.


Ritalin and Me

The obvious problem is that putting children on an amphetamine with side effects that are hard to verbalize means effects that will be undiscovered.


Thursday Throughput: Missing COVID Deaths Edition

The initial wave of infections was massive, much worse that it looks if you only use confirmed detections. But the resurgence is bad and getting worse. This is not just testing; this is an actual resurgence of the virus.

Roe v Wade 18

The Last Confession of Jane Roe

The most passionate of all our political debates is about to get a whole new, ugly chapter in it’s long history opened up.

Gregory Rigano 78

The Ballad of Gregory Rigano

Gregory Rigano is no different from any other clown-show grifters. But at the end of the day, he may end up with the biggest body count


COVID-19: A New Black Plague?

Not everything in America is about race. But when it comes to the coronavirus, race very well could play a factor.

vaccine 105

Wednesday Writs: Mandatory Vaccination Edition

L1: We recently discussed, in this space, the quarantine power of the state, hearkening back to the very early 1900s and the southern scourge of Yellow Fever. Today, while some fervently hope for the...


The Director of the CDC Might Have Lied To Us

The likely reason the United States will not get drive-through testing is because we lack the testing capability, not because we want to preserve the provider-patient relationship.