Category: First Person

Note: Presentation of these texts or “accounts” of “real world” “experience” from the perspective of “individuals” going about “their” “lives” should not be taken to imply an official Ordinary Times position as to the ontological status or scientifically verifiable existence of so-called “ego.”

Awareness 2

Far Beyond Awareness: Autism and Acceptance

Awareness and acceptance: An avalanche of well-meaning words, both from those who take our side, and those who work at cross purposes to our very existence while claiming allegiance.


A Few Notes on COVID and Cats

I would compare having COVID to wading into a bog where you can’t see what lurks beneath the water-imagine the trash compactor in Star Wars.

pastor 2

A Parson’s Apocalyptic Journey

An apocalypse reveals what has been hidden before…and this is very clear when it comes to the church and my role as a pastor.

generation 24

Not Talking About My Generation

Let us focus on the labeling and racking and stacking of generational cohort labels against each other, and how stupid that is.

The System 25

Growing up in the System:

There are still too many people of my experience trying to apply their “the system” to today’s problems and today’s jobs.

scam 48

The Real ScamDemic

You never know when a new scam might pop up, one she has not heard of, and she might not catch on as quickly as she might think.

memorabilia 1

The Memorabilia Which Shape Me

This was certainly a memorable occasion for me, but it belongs in a closet full of memorabilia, events just like that, all crowding forward

Birding 4

Birding: Among the Birds of the Mitten

That auditory component, hearing along with seeing, is a big part of why birding is a thing while, say, insecting isn’t.

ZZ Top 6

ZZ Top and Me

Who was going to grab the stupid kid on the traffic signal island first? The military police or ZZ Top in a limo?

friends 9

You Can Pick Your Friends

I have realized how truly blessed I am…I have my friends and family by my side to face whatever 2021 is bringing my way

World Book Encyclopedia 10

The Lost Art of Book Learning

Google searching is utilitarian, but it is not a substitute for the visceral fun of opening a random volume up to a random page and learning something new.